#CigarTravelChallenge: A global initiative awaits you

New: The #CigarTravelChallenge invites cigar lovers worldwide to join in: Share your unique cigar experience and become a pioneer of this new movement that enriches and unites cigar culture. Your contribution counts - join the #CigarTravelChallenge on Instagram now and help shape the future. Are you in?

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Urlab cigars travel destinations: How to share your posts on Instagram. Always use the hashtag #CigarTravelChallenge and tag me @v4asilij so I can find and share your posts.

Welcome to the #CigarTravelChallenge initiative on Instagram!

Together for the future of cigars

The #CigarTravelChallenge is new. It needs you to grow. With every post, we are building a community that crosses borders and shares a passion for cigars. At the moment, the hashtag only shows a few photos, as awareness and participation in the community is still being grow must. I ask for your patience and encourage allto share their cigar experiences. The hashtag becomes more lively with every post. Be there from the start and help build a passionate community!

Are you ready to set a new milestone together?

Your moment counts with #CigarTravelChallenge

Your contributions are the heart of this campaign. Every picture, every story contributes to making the world of cigars lively and diverse. Show us where and how cigars make your moments special.

Perfect for pictures: Why Instagram is the first choice

The #CigarTravelChallenge uses Instagram instead of Facebook because Instagram's visual direction is better suited to emphasizing the aesthetic aspects of cigar moments and reaching an engaged community in a visually appealing way.

Here is another example.

What do you think of the #CigarTravelChallenge initiative?

Make it official: how to get involved

  • Post your picture on InstagramShow us where you enjoy your cigar.
  • Share your storyUse : Use #CigarTravelChallenge and link my account @v4silij.
  • Be yourself: Every language, every story is welcome.

Pioneers of cigar culture

As part of this challenge, you will become a trailblazer who helps shape cigar culture for future generations. Your perspective will expand our collective understanding and appreciation of the art of cigar enjoyment.

Always use the hashtag #CigarTravelChallenge and tag me @v4asilij so I can find and share your posts.

Use the hashtag #CigarTravelChallenge and tag me @v4asilij so I can experience your posts.

About the initiative

The #CigarTravelChallenge, created by me, Vasilij Ratej, the publisher of Cigars.Zone, is a unique global initiative designed to connect cigar lovers around the world. Since founding Cigars.Zone in 2014, I have created a platform that promotes the culture and passion around cigars. With this challenge, I'm taking it a step further and inviting the community to share their personal cigar experiences on Instagram. It's an opportunity to celebrate the diversity and beauty of cigar culture, discover new perspectives and create a movement that crosses borders and connects through visual stories.

Discuss together about cigar reviews, cigar prices, cigar collections: Share your thoughts and opinions with the community

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