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Your source for honest cigar reviews and content, this is Zigarren.Zone. So you can get an idea and buy your cigars.

Hi, I'm Vasilij, owner of Zigarren.Zone. As a passionate cigar lover in the industry, I offer you unbiased insights and in-depth analysis on the latest cigars on the market. Zigarren.Zone has been online since 2014.

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I am Vasilij Ratej, hello and welcome!

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At Zigarren.Zone you don't get standardized promotional content, but an honest and independent opinion on every product I test. I conduct my cigar reviews using the tasting tool that you can download (see below under resources on the topic).

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My reviews are based on personal tests and experience. I give you my unvarnished opinion on each product, based on my individual taste and preferences. Therefore, the results of my reviews not are the result of my free expression of opinion and my passion for first-class cigars. So you can get an idea of them and buy your cigars. In my cigar reviews you will always find a link to buy the cigars. These are not affiliate links, but lead to the Google search results.

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19 thoughts on “Hochwertige Zigarrenbewertungen und Reviews: Deine Informationsquelle bei Zigarren.Zone”
      1. Too bad, I will upload the pictures of all my excavations here. If there is anything special - I would be very interested!

  1. Hello, I have a wine cellar find.
    Box of 25 Cohibas Esplendidos stored for 21 years in foil in the wine cellar. Now my question - how do I determine the authenticity? Pictures in profile

    1. Hello Tobias, the best way to determine authenticity is to go to a Casa del Habano nearby. What you also need to know for an expert opinion: good photos of the contents and the green seal. Based on your two photos, verification is not possible. Based on a few characteristics, it looks like a fake, but this remark is only very vague.

        1. I have received a reply from the importer. It is a fake. The two stickers are on the wrong side, that's for sure. You can smoke it, but be careful, it's not always just tobacco. I've had tufts of hair and an insect pupa in it before.

          1. Yes your expertise has been confirmed, there are other cigars in it than it says - but think at least smokable. Thank you very much!

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