Documentary: In the midst of the Habanos Festival 24 with Claudia and Vasilij

Habanos Festival 24 - the documentary. You are standing in the pulsating heart of Havana, surrounded by the smell of cigars. You see more than a hundred cigar lovers squeezing through a narrow door into a hall. This is where the Quay D'Orsay's 50th anniversary seminar is being held. It is no ordinary day and one of the scenes from the documentary film about the 24th Habanos Festival. The documentary takes us on a fascinating journey through the world of the festival and cigars, accompanied by two cigar lovers: Claudia, historian of Cuban cigars, and Vasilij, editor of Cigars.Zone.

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The documentary

The documentary on YouTube. Go on a journey with Claudia and Vasilij and visit this festival.

Watch the documentary on YouTube. Go on a journey with Claudia and Vasilij and visit this festival.

Exclusive invitation: Live preview with live chat

The preview with live chat on YouTube took place on 14.04.24 at 5 pm. An exclusive event reserved only for members of the Zigarren.Zone "Insider" mailing list. Only then was the film made available to the public. If you would also like to be invited to exclusive events, sign up to the mailing list (see above).

XX cigar fans took part in the online event and had lively discussions in the live chat.

The preview started at 5 pm with live chat. Do you want to be part of these exclusive events? Then sign up for the "Insider" mailing list (see above).

The preview started at 5 pm with live chat. Do you want to be part of these exclusive events? Then sign up for the "Insider" mailing list (see above).

A total of 69 viewers attended the live preview.

The full program

Claudia and Vasilij have booked the full program: All the evening events, as many seminars as possible and a trip to Pinar del Rio. In addition to Claudia and Vasilij's personal experiences, the documentary also features interviews with other festival participants who share their love of cigars.

A feast for the senses

You will find out first-hand what a festival participant experiences. There is criticism, but also a lot of praise for the many people involved in the festival. Through the eyes of Claudia and Vasilij, you will experience the appreciation for the craft and the community that surrounds each cigar.

Reviews of the film

A few selected friends of Zigarren.Zone were able to see the movie in advance. Here are their opinions:

"Thank you very much for your great video with the insights into the 24th Habanos Festival 2024. Marion and I had been eagerly awaiting it and watched it with great pleasure.
It is a good mixture of documentary with important and interesting background information, as well as wittily packaged criticism, with recognizable humor and a wink á la Vasilij.

The quality of the photographs, the colorful insights and the range of courses and evenings on offer really make you want to experience it for yourself.

Thank you for the refreshing report at the end of winter."

- Benno and Marion

"I've just watched your movie - accompanied by a cigar - and it made me want to travel to Cuba.
What else can I write about this...

Honestly, I liked your movie very much the whole way through! Bravo!

Entertaining without length, humorous (in the right doses) and informative, making you want to visit the festival. All of this was presented in a very likeable and credibly unembellished way by your co-presenter and yourself."

- Thomas Kobel

In the heart of Havana Testimonial Roland Andregg

"Ingenious, authentic, humorous!

A journey through perhaps the most important occasion for lovers of one of the world's most aromatic pleasures - tobacco.

A big thank you to Claudia and you for sharing! It's always refreshing to enjoy your relaxed attitude.

The only negative thing is, well, not being able to be there physically..."

- Roland Anderegg

"I think it's phenomenal because you manage to condense a big 5-day event into about 40 minutes and present it in sufficient detail and with a great sense of humor. I enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces from former colleagues, customers and distributors."

- Maribel Fonseca

"Wow, what can I say...on the one hand, the festival is in total contrast to how the majority of Cubans are currently doing economically, but it's about the festival. This documentary gives me a great impression of what to expect there.

It is a mix of an exhausting program, longing and passion for Cuban cigars and also a bit of decadence. I don't mean that in a negative way. I think that after the program you go home exhausted but also satisfied.

The documentary gives me a great impression of the festival. I am aware of the amount of rework involved in editing the material. I can only thank you very much for this great insight, well done, Chapeau Vasilij!"

- Heino Nohrden

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