Crazycat Media Ltd.
Mr. Vasilij Ratej
Spinnlerstrasse 2, 4410 Liestal, Switzerland

UID & VAT No.: CHE-147.182.765

Phone: +41 79 305 21 45
E-mail: / Cigars.Zone is a publication of Crazycat Media GmbH

The purpose of the company is the implementation of events, the sale and the creation of content in the form of text, sound and film. It can carry out the sale of products and administrative work on a mandate basis as well as marketing consulting. The company may establish branches and subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad, as well as participate in other companies or acquire or establish similar or related companies. The company may also acquire, manage and sell real estate and securities. The Company may also engage in all business activities that are suitable for promoting or facilitating the development and purpose of the Company.

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