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Page impressions per year 240,000 (Matomo Analytics, Cookie blockers are active in the browsers), readers per year 65'000 (Matomo Analytics). The pure Server numbers show higher figures because they are unfiltered and no cookies are used: Page impressions 1.4 million and 280,000 readers per year. The figures are without guarantee.

Note on Google Analytics: Since 01.09.23 the new data protection law is in force in Switzerland. On the advice of our media lawyer, we have therefore switched to the MATOMO analysis tool. Google Analytics was installed at our company even before the new data protection regulations came into force. Google Analytics counted 740,000 page views and 165,000 readers per year. Since Google Analytics collides with the EU data protection regulation, I have been using MATOMO since mid-2022.'s INSIDER mailing list
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Range Germany: Approx. 67% / Switzerland: Approx. 25% / Rest: Austria and other countries

Age of readers: Matomo and the server numbers do not show age because such data is not collected.

Prices valid from 01.08.2023

Version 1.0, August 23

Note: The year 2023 is fully booked for "Film" and "Text with photos". Still possible are advertisements in FlashCigar from 26.11.23 (insertion deadline and data submission 10.11.23)

Terms of payment

All prices plus VAT 7.7% until 31.12.2023 / From 01.01.2024: 8.1% / EU no VAT. The service is exempt from VAT in Switzerland. Tax liability of the recipient of the service = reverse charge procedure.

Optional monthly bill without discount.

15% Discount on annual order with prepayment from CHF 12,000 annual sales, payable as of January 31. A discount of 15% is granted for additional orders. Prerequisite is a prepaid annual order of at least CHF 12'000.

Payment arrears: Each reminder costs CHF 30.00. If the customer is 3 months in arrears with the payment, the contract shall be considered automatically as terminated, the remaining orders are cancelled and debt collection is initiated; work started up to this point is charged and the debt collection office is notified.


The marketing and advertising customers at Zigarren.Zone

  • Davidoff
  • Camacho
  • Avo
  • Zino Nicaragua
  • La Aurora
  • Corrida
  • Villiger 1492
  • Villiger 1888
  • La Libertad
  • Bock
  • Constellation
  • Seven Seals Whisky
  • Urs Portmann Tobacco Products AG
  • La Casa Del Habano St. Gallen by Urs Portmann
  • Intertabak AG with all Cuban brands and VegaFina
  • 5THAvenue Products Trading-GmbH with all Cuban and non-Cuban brands and VegaFina
  • The Royal Cigar Company AG with over 15 non-Cuban brands
  • Cigarmundi Ltd. with over 7 non-Cuban brands
  • Brodmann Cigars
  • Hades Cigars
  • The Chedi Andermatt