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From Thomas Portmann. Zigarren.Zone, the place where even I pick up my tablet over a fine cigar.

The way Vasilij runs the blog, how thoroughly he researches, how everyone involved can comment, and above all his personal impressions, whether of a new product or long-term storage, are very well-founded and always provided with a pinch of humor. I'm always happy to browse through Zigarren.Zone again and read interesting facts about the enjoyment of cigars. Managing Director St. Gallen Portmann Tabakwaren AG

By Christoph Läubin. As a retailer, I really like the blog, or rather the collection of knowledge at zigarren.zone. The fresh way of approaching or looking at cigar-related topics in a different way, raising issues that not everyone dares to, that's exactly what I like. Away from Otto Normal to fresh and young. You can also feel that Vasilij stands behind it and lives it. Keep up the good work Vasilij! http://www.zigarren-online.ch

By Christoph A. Puzskar. zigarre.zone is a very lovingly created cigar blog with a wealth of information about hand-rolled cigars. The pleasure that blogger Vasilij Ratej takes in this wonderful means of enjoyment is evident in every detail. http://www.5thavenue.de

Zigarren.Zone now stands alone at the top of the list of online publications. One wonders: when does Vasilij ever get around to smoking a puro when he is so obviously working hard on his blog, which has one thing in particular that my cigar world has always lacked: order and clarity of content. There's no doubt about it: this is not someone who is doing this to get free smoke samples from retailers and manufacturers and to make money from selling advertising space and promotional texts; Vasilij shows what can be achieved out of pure passion. http://www.herrenzimmer.de/2015/09/23/gehen-sie-in-die-zone

From Dietmar Stalder. Today I would like to give you some feedback about Cigar Zone. 

The witty but creative design of Zigarren.Zone is for me one of the most beautiful cigar-related websites ever. The homepage alone offers a nice, clear information platform about cigars and the publisher Vasilij Ratej, which brings me to the topic. Mr. Vasilij Ratej has invested a lot of work and time to make the site as good as it is. Above all, he always has an open ear for questions and is always eager to answer them. (As you can see, he also enjoys it). Many interesting blogs and interesting interviews make the Zigarren.Zone something special. The reviews from storage to full enjoyment of the cigar are described very clearly here. Vasilij Ratej's knowledge and passing it on to his fellow human beings is inexhaustible, which can also be seen on his website. The pages are not only well described and informative for beginners, but many people who have been enjoying cigars for a long time will always find something new. Whether it's about fakes or the correct reading of the box date, there's something for everyone. Vasilij Ratej also has a very nicely laid out accessories page, there is something for everyone, and certainly makes the purchase decision easier for one or the other. Jeveryone should form their own opinion here. Have fun reading and enjoy.

By Wolfgang Hirsch. I like the way the topics are not presented in such a dusty way. Makes it easier to engage with the topics. I actively use the Zigarren.Zone blog to educate myself about cigars in all their facets. I would particularly like to emphasize the range of eBooks and other types of information that Vasilij offers in a timely manner.

Uwe Mueller (left) with Hendrik Kelner (right)

By Uwe Mueller. The "Zigarren.Zone" is one of the most informative cigar blogs around. As a sales representative for Arnold André - The Cigar Company, this blog is practically a must-read. I find the opinions of smokers particularly interesting, and I also like the fact that it is an independent blog, from an aficionado for aficionados, so to speak. Keep up the good work! With smoky greetings Uwe Mueller / Fa. Arnold André - The Cigar Company

From Timo Vogel. Hello everyone. I've had the pleasure of getting to know the Zigarren.Zone blog for a while now and wanted to write a few words about it. First of all, a THANK YOU to Vasilij, to whom we owe this blog. What I find fascinating here are the great reports and the tastings that are created here. The interaction with each other is always friendly and respectful, which I really appreciate. While working as a train driver, I occasionally had the time to smoke cigars and try new things. The tastings are very helpful here, as they give me a point of reference. The cigars.zone is also very informative. I would like to thank you again, Vasilij, and keep up the good work. That we have such a great meeting place to exchange ideas and talk shop for a long time.

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  1. Since I know Vasilij and read Cigar Zone, I feel like I enjoy smoking even more. ? The articles are always informative and exciting. I just say thank you Vasilij . ??

  2. For me it is always exciting to get new information from Vasilij and Cigars .Zone. I think tobacco and cigars are a big "swamp" that can sometimes overwhelm newcomers. The love for cigars matures from day to day. Just like a cigar :-))

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