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Version 4.0 | 13.12.2022

Terms of use / Welcome to the Zigarren.Zone online magazine, a publication of Crazycat Media GmbH. Please register and become a member. Share your posts and photos with like-minded people. Use the news feed for quick communication.

Article 1: We are all pleasure people here and discuss with each other in a friendly and decent way. We also criticize and always friendly and decent. Personal attacks are not tolerated. They lead to exclusion - and that quite simply, quickly and without a warning. If a personal attack is criminally relevant Crazycat Media GmbH will file a complaint.

Article 2: The company name "ZigarrenZone" may not be used in emails - in any variant. For example user.zigarren.zone@provider.com or similar. Such member accounts will be deleted. The member gets the request to delete the eMail address at the provider and to confirm this to us within 24 hours. We reserve the right to take legal action.

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