Alec Bradley CHUNK cigars

Alec Bradley Chunk Cigars. Today I would like to share my impressions of two interesting cigars from Alec Bradley with you: The Black Market and Magic Toast variants. And yes, the "toast" in the name of the Magic Toast cigars does not refer to toasted aromas of bread, but to a hearty "cheers" - a story that makes these cigars all the more interesting. In the cold season, these short cigars are often smoked outdoors. But the considerable thickness puts paid to this idea. Cigars are usually smoked in the warm, as they can quickly become quite pungent in the cold.

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60 sec clip

Watch this short clip about the Alec Bradley Chunk cigars 😅

Watch this short clip about the Alec Bradley Chunk cigars 😅

Alec Bradley Black Market and Magic Toast

The magic of Magic Toast begins during a night-time stroll through a tobacco field in Honduras, Alan Rubin, then still the brand owner, accompanied by none other than master blender Ralph Montero. A few years ago, Alan Rubin, the founder of Alec Bradley, brought along a bottle of Scotch and toasted with Montero to the promising future of their joint company. This special toast inspired the creation of the Alec Bradley Magic Toast series. The Alec Bradley brand has since been sold to STG.

What do CHUNK cigars taste like?

Both cigars, the Black Market and the Magic Toast, have a similar flavor profile. But if I may express my personal preference, then I definitely lean towards the Magic Toast - it hits my palate nerve quite precisely.

For me, both cigars develop a complex and appealing interplay of aromas. A hint of wood, paired with nutty nuances, some leather and a sweet, fruity note make both cigars a real pleasure. The blend is harmoniously balanced and the aromas unfold subtly yet powerfully with every puff.

Black Market and Magic Toast

The Black Market also presents itself with an impressive variety of flavors, but for my personal taste it can't quite keep up with the magic of the Magic Toast. Nevertheless, every lover of Alec Bradley cigars will certainly appreciate the Black Market, as it also offers an explosion of flavors, ranging from woody elements to leathery notes and a hint of nut.


The Alec Bradley CHUNK cigars are a testament to excellent craftsmanship and a careful selection of tobaccos, which can be found in every single one. Whether for a cozy evening after work or for festive occasions, the Magic Toast and the Black Market are ideal for underlining moments with a touch of luxury.

Convince yourself of the quality and charm of these Alec Bradley CHUNK cigars. Because here you are not just smoking tobacco, but enjoying a story full of flavor and tradition.

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Alec Bradley Chunk cigars

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