Davidoff Year Of The Tiger 2022

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger 2022

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger 2022: Davidoff Cigars presents its spectacular Limited Edition line of cigars, pipe tobacco and impressive accessories to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The price is currently not yet known. You can read the test report about the cigar here >

Limited editions and launch from 18.11.21 in Switzerland

There are 17,300 boxes of 10 in the worldand is presented in an impressive box of ten cigars. In addition, there is a special pipe tobacco (5,000 tins worldwide), an ashtray (600 pieces worldwide) and aexclusive cigar leather case (450 pieces worldwide).

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The unboxing

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger 2022
But HOLLA!? Take a look at this ingenious cover sheet!

Cover sheet bears fur pattern of the tiger

To make it even more exciting, the wrapper leaves have been colored through a natural process to replicate the fur pattern of the tiger on the cigar.

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger 2022
Check out this cover page!

The tenth edition in a row

To celebrate the Chinese New Year and reward collectors of fine and rare cigars, Davidoff is inspired by the Chinese zodiac signs in his work. For aficionados born in the Year of the Tiger, Davidoff presents an exclusive collection of limited edition products. For the tenth edition in a row, the world's leading brand of handmade luxury cigars has chosen a Connecticut wrapper - a first for a Davidoff Limited Edition.

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger 2022
Davidoff Year Of The Tiger 2022: As always, an exclusive box design.

2022 is the Year of the Tiger, a zodiac sign that stands for strength, energy and determination. Thanks to their senses, sharpened by observing their environment, people born in the Year of the Tiger are always ready to seize opportunities as they arise. They choose a direction and make a decision without retreat or regret. They are born leaders and the Davidoff Limited Edition cigar is the perfect reflection of the Tiger.

"We are delighted and proud of the tenth edition of this series of Davidoff "Year of" products. Our design teams and master blenders have put all their experience and craftsmanship into the creation of this spectacular edition. From the skillful creation of an exclusive blend with a Connecticut wrapper as the premiere of a Davidoff Limited Edition, to a spectacular box design inspired by the natural habitat of the tiger, to the handmade accessories of the highest exclusivity, the "Year of the Tiger" products live up to the pioneering spirit of Zino Davidoff and are sure to ensure that aficionados around the world can fill their time wonderfully," says Edward Simon, Chief Marketing Officer of Oettinger Davidoff AG.

Davidoff Year of the Tiger cigar

For the blend of the "Year of the Tiger" cigar, a Connecticut wrapper was chosen for the first time for a Davidoff Limited Edition. This cover sheet was also treated by a natural process to visually represent the fur pattern of the tiger on the finished cigar. The Piramides format cigar (ring gauge 52 x 5″) features a blend of three Davidoff hybrid tobaccos culminating in a new taste sensation. The cigar experience begins with stimulating notes of pepper and cedar. A rich creaminess develops and notes of cocoa leather and roasted nuts join in. The flavor journey, which culminates in a surprising addition of honey, is truly worthy of a Tiger.

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger 2022
The tobacco composition.

The Davidoff "Year of the Tiger" Limited Edition is limited to 17,350 pieces worldwide and is presented in an impressive box of ten cigars inspired by the tiger's natural habitat, the jungle. It features a transparent lid with carefully cut tree trunks, adding depth and excitement while allowing the cigars to shine through. The golden tiger, dynamic and determined, hiding behind a tree and lying in wait for his prey, is visible on the front.

With this exceptional cigar and packaging, the "Year of the Tiger" Limited Edition is the ultimate gift for any aficionado celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Year of the Tiger Pipe Tobacco

The pipe tobacco, whose blend is inspired by Asian flavors, is offered in a high-quality red lacquered tin. An exclusive blend of Latakia, Burley and Virginia tobaccos from China, India, Malawi and Cyprus. In addition, the tobacco has been carefully flavored with a special musk aroma. Each tin is numbered and limited to 5,000 pieces worldwide. This limited edition allows the pipe lover to enjoy deep complexity and intense flavors, while the musk aroma is present, but never too intense.

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger 2022
Davidoff Year Of The Tiger 2022: Pipe tobacco. 5,000 tins worldwide.

Accessories "Year of the Tiger

To give this year's New Year's celebration additional prominence, Davidoff presents impressive accessories for the Year of the Tiger. An exclusive cigar leather case limited to 450 pieces and an impressive ashtray. The ashtray is limited to 600 pieces worldwide and numbered by hand. Both accessories bear the signature "Year of the Tiger" pattern of this collection.

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger 2022
Leather case: 450 pcs worldwide.
Davidoff Year Of The Tiger 2022
Ashtrays: 600 pcs. worldwide.

Market launch & availability

From November 2021*, the cigars, pipe tobacco** and accessories from the Davidoff "Year of the Tiger" Limited Edition will be available worldwide at selected Davidoff authorized dealers and flagship stores.

* Launch dates may vary by country. ** Only available outside the USA.

About the Oettinger Davidoff

The Oettinger Davidoff Group, with sales of around 423 million Swiss francs and 3100 employees around the world, can trace its roots back to 1875 and remains an independent family business to this day. It is dedicated to the production, marketing, distribution and retail sales of premium cigars, tobacco products and accessories.

The premium cigar business includes the Davidoff, AVO, Camacho, Cusano, Griffin's, Private Stock, Zino and Zino Platinum brands. The Oettinger Davidoff Group also distributes numerous brands in several countries as a general agent, including Haribo in Switzerland.

The company is strongly rooted in the "crop-to-shop" philosophy, taking a vertical integration approach from its tobacco fields in the Dominican Republic and Honduras to its global network of some 70 Davidoff flagship stores/satellites and strong authorized distributors in over 100 countries.

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