Cohiba Short Year Of The Tiger with 24 carat gold

Cohiba Short Year Of The Tiger with 24 carat gold

Cohiba Short Year Of The Tiger is bringing its new humidor to Switzerland. There is also an exclusive "Gold" humidor, 18 pieces worldwide. One of these humidors is coming to Switzerland and a customer of a Casa del Habano can win it.'s INSIDER mailing list
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12,888 copies worldwide

The Chinese New Year 2022, the Year of the Tiger, is just around the corner. The tiger is a symbol of courage, self-confidence and charm; passionate and always ready for a new adventure, it rebels against injustice. The Cohiba Short Humidor Year of the Tiger is available worldwide in 12,888 numbered units. The humidor costs CHF 218.80.

Cohiba Short Humidor Year Of The Tiger
The "normal" humidor.
Cohiba Short Humidor Year Of The Tiger
There are 12,888 examples of the "normal" humidor worldwide. It contains 88 Cohiba Short.

18 humidors with 24-carat gold-plated metal plate

As part of this limited edition, 18 humidors have been selected and decorated with a 24-carat gold-plated metal plate depicting the symbol of the tiger; in addition, the Short cigars in these humidors have an extra special foot ring in bright gold and black tones, carefully applied by hand. These exclusive humidors are presented in 18 major cities around the world.

Cohiba Short Year Of The Tiger with 24 carat gold
The "Gold" humidor with the 24-carat gold-plated metal plate.

Switzerland - watch out! One winner could become the proud owner of one of these "Gold" humidors

Switzerland is one of the few selected countries to receive 1 piece of the special "Gold" humidor. This will be on display in all Swiss Casas del Habano over the next few days.

  • 11 - 15 January 2022 - Casa del Habano Basel
  • 18 - 22 January 2022 - Casa del Habano Zurich
  • 25 - 29 January 2022 - Casa del Habano Lugano
  • February 1 - 5, 2022 - Casa del Habano Nyon

If you are a customer in one of the casas, you can take part in a free prize draw. Visit your Casa on one of the dates and take part in the prize draw. Each Casa draws a name at the end. So after the last exhibition date there will be four lots and one of them will win the "gold humidor". The other three participants each win one of the "normal" humidors. Great campaign!

Cohiba Short Year Of The Tiger with 24 carat gold
On the "Gold" humidor, an additional foot ring in bright gold and black tones was added by hand.

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3 thoughts on “Cohiba Short Year Of The Tiger mit 24 Karat Gold”
  1. What are these times when Habanos presents machine-made short filler cigarillos as a limited special edition in honor of the Chinese year?
    Do they no longer have complete leaves?

    1. The Cohiba Short has been around for many years. The "Year Of..." Editions also from the Cohiba Short. Cuba has had ever greater problems for years, both politically and socially. Currently (as of 2021/2022), the situation in Cuba is catastrophic for the inhabitants. It is much worse than before Covid-19. For example, tobacco farmers grow potatoes and other vegetables to feed themselves and the local population. Another reason is because they currently either don't receive any money for growing tobacco or only receive it many months after delivery. We are lucky if we can still buy Cuban cigars at the moment - even cigarillos (they are really good and also need a storage period). Unfortunately, the problem in Cuba will not be solved so quickly. I have no idea how things will continue there.

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