Carlos André CAST OFF Toro

Carlos André Cast Off and the new Toro


Bünde, March 2021 - "Cast Off" - in sailing parlance, this term describes the moment of casting off: the luxury of the feeling of boundless freedom, the magic of experiencing pristine nature and the magic of adventure. With the new CAST OFF Toro, CARLOS ANDRÉ sets sail again and sets off on another voyage of discovery.'s INSIDER mailing list
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Only those who dare the adventure will discover new worlds ...

Carlos André CAST OFF Toro
Let's discover new worlds!

Experience is part of discovery and when this is combined with first-class craftsmanship and passion in the world of tobacco, a CARLOS ANDRÉ is created with a sophisticated interplay of excellent tobaccos and contemporary esprit. The CARLOS ANDRÉ CAST OFF is presented in a superior lava black, in modern, magnetically sealed boxes, deliberately avoiding loud, dominating tones in favor of a nuanced, harmoniously balanced composition whose subtly aromatic, vibrant aromas reveal themselves puff by puff - now also in the timeless Toro format:

"The CARLOS ANDRÉ CAST OFF Toro is a symbiosis of majestic elegance and exciting adventure," says Petra Lindenschmidt, Vice President Arnold André Dominicana. "It subtly unleashes an unobtrusive but multi-faceted spectrum of flavors that play together masterfully and confidently - harmonious in unison, yet lively in every single nuance of taste and with a final, virtuoso crescendo."

Majestic elegance and exciting adventure

Carlos André CAST OFF Toro
Carlos André CAST OFF Toro.

Fine, sensual complexity can be found under the elegantly embossed cigar ring, which encloses a hand-picked, five-year matured Connecticut Shade Desflorado wrapper leaf from Ecuador. "Desflorado" means that the flowers of the tobacco plants were removed in an additional step at an early stage - allowing the leaves to absorb significantly more nutrients, develop more aroma and refine the look and feel under the constant supervision of experienced tobacco makers. With its beautiful, silky appearance and golden brown color, it invites you to touch it and its very aromatic scent makes you curious about the "CAST OFF", the first puff.

An elegant start with creamy cappuccino notes in a harmonious alliance with delicately tart notes and the aroma of fresh almonds. Later, exotic fruits can be discovered in the background, interspersed with elemental, earthy tones. From the second third onwards, a dark toffee note emerges, which remains present until the end and is vividly adorned with fine liquorice. The CARLOS ANDRÉ CAST OFF Toro displays a subtle and delicate complexity of aromas and a volume development that increases crescendo-like with the addition of white pepper in the final third.

CAST OFF - Cast off for a new adventure!

  • Wrapper leaf: Connectictut Shade Desflorado/Ecuador, matured for 5 years
  • Umbrella leaf: Mexico
  • Inlay: Dominican Republic, Brazil
  • Origin: Hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic


  • Corona Larga: 147 mm, RG 42, 12.00 euros/cigar and 120.00 euros/box
  • Petit Corona: 105 mm, RG 3, 8.90 euros/cigar and 89.00 euros/box
  • Robusto: 130 mm, RG 48, 12.00 Euro/cigar and 120.00 Euro/box
  • NEW! Toro: 150 mm, RG 50, 13,50 Euro/cigar and 135,00 Euro/box

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