Partagas Series Cigarillos Limited EditionPartagas Series Cigarillos Limited Edition

Partagas Series Cigarillos Limited Edition now available. Sold since July 2014 5th AvenueThe official exclusive importer of Habanos in Germany, Austria and Poland, also sells the Partagás Series premium cigarillos in addition to the classic Partagás cigarillos.'s INSIDER mailing list
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Most successful new launch

Partagas Series Cigarillos Limited Edition
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"The introduction of the Partagás Series was the most successful new launch in the Cuban premium cigarillo segment in recent years. In 2015, just one year after the launch, sales of our Partagás family increased by over 20%. The Partagás Series cigarillos have played a major role in the enormous success of the brand to this day, partly because there has been no significant cannibalization with the classic Partagás cigarillos and the number of users has therefore increased significantly," says Norbert Schelkle, responsible for the marketing of Cuban Mini Cigars at 5th Avenue.

Earthy, peppery aromas

Partagas Series Cigarillos Limited Edition CLUB
Partagas Series Cigarillos Limited Edition, 20 CLUB

A key reason for the success of the Partagás Series cigarillos: the world's best-selling Habano, the Partagás Serie D No. 4, was the inspiration for the development of these unique cigarillos. "That's why these small works of art are characterized by their distinct, earthy-peppery aromas and intense tobacco taste. The Partagás Series cigarillos are therefore aimed primarily at experienced smokers of full-bodied premium cigarillos," says Schelkle. The exclusive manufacturer is Internacional Cubana de Tabacos S.A. in Cuba.

Now as a limited edition

Partagas Series Cigarillos Limited Edition MINI
Partagas Series Cigarillos Limited Edition 20 MINI

The premium cigarillos are now also available as limited editions. Only for a short time and of course only while stocks last. The design of the new Partagás series editions consistently takes up the world-famous design of its big Habanos sister. The red band on a black background is in the foreground and also reflects the relationship to the corresponding premium cigars in terms of design. 

"With their strong taste and intense, natural aromas, Partagás Series cigarillos deliberately do not follow the trend towards ever lighter and flavored products and have a unique position in the German cigarillo market thanks to the uniqueness of the selected Cuban premium tobaccos," concludes Schelkle.

The retail price for the new Partagás Series Design Editions is the same as the corresponding standard pack.

Fact Sheet Partagas Series Cigarillos

  • Formats (dimensions): Mini (82 x 7.6 mm), Club (96.5 x 8.8 mm)
  • Filler, binder and wrapper: Cuba
  • Production method: mecanizado (machine-made short filler)
  • Manufacturer: Internacional Cubana de Tabacos, Cuba

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