Avo Improvisation Limited Edition 2022

Avo Improvisation Limited Edition 2022

Avo Improvisation Limited Edition 2022 is limited to 4,290 boxes worldwide. 22 cigars per box, the price is currently still unknown. The new Avo will be launched in Europe in June 2022 (USA in March). This year's Improvisation is the last in the series.

The tenth and final Avo Improvisation Limited Edition

The AVO Improvisation Limited Edition 2022 is the tenth and final release in the series, which celebrates the legacy and lifestyle of legendary brand founder Avo Uvezian.

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Over the last decade, AVO Cigars has released its AVO Improvisation series year after year to celebrate the birthday of the brand's late founder Avo Uvezian. During his lifetime, the passionate composer and jazz pianist was bursting with joie de vivre, filling his life with music and always striving to create and celebrate enriching and memorable experiences.

Two different cigars

This year's limited edition consists of two different cigars whose blend compositions are harmonious and yet complement each other like different instruments in a successful piece of music. The creations capture the essence of AVO as a brand and the musical enthusiasm of its founder - they are true masterpieces.

From the outside, the two cigars stand out clearly from each other, creating a beautiful contrast of different colors in the cigar box. One cigar comes in a silky golden Ecuador Connecticut wrapper and contains filler and binder tobaccos from the Dominican Republic.

Avo Improvisation Limited Edition 2022
I love Connecticut wrapper leaves from Ecuador. I love them!

The other stands out visually with its beautiful, chocolate-colored Ecuadorian wrapper, which conceals a binder from Mexico and filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Overall, this cigar has a much browner, darker appearance and, although both have a medium intensity, is stronger than its golden duet partner.

Avo Improvisation Limited Edition 2022
The composition with dark wrapper leaf from Ecuador with the filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and Dom. Republic promise an interesting enjoyment experience.

"The packaging design of the AVO Improvisation 2022 cigar box is reminiscent of the musical influences that have inspired the AVO lines. The Improvisation Limited Edition 2022 presents two individual blends that complement each other perfectly despite their differences," says Edward Simon, Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger Davidoff. "They offer flexible enjoyment options for aficionados with different taste and intensity preferences at different occasions and times of day."

Avo Improvisation Limited Edition 2022
A surprise: a dark and a light cigar.

Cigar formats and tobacco

  • Format: Robusto Grande 55 x 51/2" | 2.2 cm x 14 cm
  • Golden Blend: Connecticut Ecuador wrapper / Dom. Republic
  • Brown blend: wrapper Ecuador / filler Nicaragua & Dom. Republic

Market launch and availability

The AVO Improvisation Limited Edition 2022 will be launched in the USA in March and in European markets in June*. Limited to 4,290 cases worldwide.
* Market launch may vary depending on the country.

About AVO Cigars

The story of AVO Cigars began in 1982 when brand founder Avo Uvezian, a legendary, world-renowned jazz and cigar composer, met the master blenders of Tabadom in the Dominican Republic. They soon began a productive collaboration that led to the launch of the AVO Classic Series - an almost immediate success.

Avo Uvezian put his passion into the soul of his brand. The ability to celebrate the moment and live the dynamics of a situation reflects the soul of AVO Cigars with the motto "CHANGE THE TEMPO". It is precisely these values that appeal to the characters who carry on the rhythm of these iconic cigars.

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