Davidoff Clubhouse with exclusive distribution channel

Davidoff Clubhouse Masters EditionDavidoff Clubhouse Masters Edition

Clubhouse from Davidoff. It was first launched in 2013 as a golf cigar. It will be launched again in 2021. Now exclusively available in Davidoff of Geneva flagship stores around the world since 1911. The tobaccos used are aged for an average of 6.5 years before the cigars are rolled. You can read the test of this cigar here. 330 packs of 10 cigars will be launched exclusively through the following distribution channel in Switzerland.

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Distribution channel in Switzerland of Davidoff Clubhouse

Davidoff Clubhouse Masters Edition
Pack of 10, CHF 320.00

Clubhouse taste experience

The different and well-aged Dominican San Vicente Mejorado filler tobaccos, together with the Ecuadorian binder and the exceptional, aged Dominican wrapper leaf, delight with notes of pepper, followed by strong aromas of roasted nuts and dark chocolate. Although the blend consists of four San Vicente Mejorado tobaccos, each one brings different flavors and charms to the blend as they were grown in different growing regions on different soils, giving each tobacco of the identical seed a different flavor heritage that is united in a wonderful blend.

You can read the test of this cigar here.

Davidoff Clubhouse Masters Edition
The tobacco.
  • San Vicente Mejorado Seco from Martin Garcia stimulates the acidity and delivers a subtle spiciness.
  • San Vicente Mejorado Seco from Santiago Rodriguez stimulates the sour and sweet parts and pleases with a well-defined creaminess.
  • San Vicente Mejorado Visus from Jicomé also stimulates the sour and bitter areas of the tongue with a wonderful coffee note.
  • San Vicente Mejorado Visus from Piloto brings strength and creaminess to the blend.
Davidoff Clubhouse Masters Edition
The tobacco.

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