Davidoff Clubhouse 2021Davidoff Clubhouse 2021

Clubhouse 2021 by Davidoff Masters Edition was eagerly awaited. But correctly written Club House - so two words. The first time it was launched in 2013 as a golf cigar. In 2021 it will be launched again. Now available exclusively in flagship stores around the world from Davidoff of Geneva since 1911, the tobaccos used are aged an average of 6.5 years before the cigars were rolled. I noticed something very special about this cigar. Please read my test.

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A cigar test is subjective

Note: How the cigar tastes is influenced by personal taste preferences, taste memories, the shape of the day, what you have eaten or drunk before. Even the lighting mood in the room has an influence on the experienced taste. The notes described here therefore do not have to match your own impressions.

Davidoff Clubhouse 2021
Davidoff Clubhouse 2021 - oops - you write Club House. So in two words.

Fact Sheet of the Clubhouse, pardon, Club House

Davidoff Clubhouse 2021
The aroma of the wrapper: unusually honey sweet. Fantastic. Please read more about it in the Conclusion chapter.

Personal impressions of enjoying this clubhouse

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First half

  • Tongue, palate: At the beginning a little pepper and acid / Then spicy / a little sour / a lot of almonds with skin / cocoa bittersweet / a slight sweetness lingers on the lips
  • Retronasal: A lot of roasted aromas of tree bark (...huh?... "tree bark"? Yes. How do I come to this? Please ask my brain, because it has pushed this impression into my consciousness).
  • R+ ZiZo vacuum technology: Simply awesome > almonds roasted with honey. Ok, then I'm probably now ready for the loony bin...
  • Umami: roasty / slightly spicy / juicy
  • Strength 3/5

Second half

  • Here everything becomes more intense. Newly added are impressions of roasted aromas from a lot of dark, beaten wood in the forest. I no longer taste the slight sweetness on the lips from the first half. But the almonds roasted with honey become a lot more intense with the R+ ZiZo vacuum technique.
  • Here I must necessarily mention again:

Note: How the cigar tastes is influenced by personal taste preferences, taste memories, the shape of the day, what you have eaten or drunk before. Even the lighting mood in the room has an influence on the experienced taste. The notes described here therefore do not have to match your own impressions.

Davidoff Clubhouse 2021
The test begins: 3 copies tasted on 3 different days. I am curious.

What is "retronasal"?

Retronasal cigar enjoyment enhances the taste. What it is and, why it works and how to do it please read here. Especially look at the ZiZo vacuum technology. Incredible increase in the enjoyment of the cigar!

Davidoff Clubhouse 2021
The ash holds. But you should not wait too long with the ash.

What is the "R+ ZiZo vacuum technology"?

This is the consummate pleasure of a cigar. Hard to describe. I'll try. Here's an example: a baby sucking on a pacifier. Try this technique with a cigar. Very little smoke enters the mouth. But this passes over the tongue and goes right through the nose. I tried it on about 10 cigars before I mastered it. Please be very careful with this technique when practicing: the smoke got to the back of my larynx several times when I did this. It was really bad. But now that I can do it, it's an accomplished technique for enjoying a cigar.

Davidoff Clubhouse 2021
The first half will soon be over: A good start!

What is umami?

This means "savory", "spicy", "essence", "meaty". This blending of taste sensations is perceived in the middle of the tongue. You can find a good article about it on Wikipedia

Davidoff Clubhouse 2021
The second half brings even more flavor and pleasure.

Non Cuba cigars and the important acclimatization

Recommendation acclimatization: With cellophane 3 days in the humidor.

The fact is: You don't know when the cigar was imported and how long its resting period was at the importer. You also do not know how long the resting phase was at the dealer. The cigars have a shock after their transport from the tropics to us in Europe. They have to acclimatize first. The industry is sales-oriented. The cigars have to get to the retail market quickly. Therefore, it can happen that they do not taste as they should.

Davidoff Clubhouse Masters Edition
The tobacco.

If you buy single copies

Place the cigar with the cellophane in the humidor. If your cigar does not have cellophane: Put them in tubos and then in the humidor. Or you can put the single cigar in a Zippo bag and put a small Boveda in it. Then you put it closed in the humidor. Cigars that are stored open without cellophane or a box lose their flavor very quickly. This is proven in this article with experiments.

Davidoff Clubhouse Masters Edition
The flavor profile.

Conclusion: Clubhouse smells unusually strong honey

I noticed a strong, honey-sweet scent from the wrapper. After I took my third specimen (on the third day after acclimatization) out of the cellophane, this happened: WHAT?! What is that ingenious? This fragrance was so extraordinary that I can hardly believe it now. I sniffed the wrapper. It smelled damn good and honey sweet. I put the cigar about 50cm next to me on the desk. Only after about 15 minutes did I light it. And during that time, this scent kept spilling over to me.


Of course, I immediately unpacked my other three copies: They smelled exactly the same! The first two specimens did not smell like that. I'm really curious if you make the same experience after the acclimatization of 3 days. Please report absolutely below in the comments section!

Well, as for the taste at the Smoke, I have already reported above. For me personally, this cigar is a great and fascinating highlight. I wish you can buy one or more packs of it. Because the distribution channel is very exclusive for this cigar: Only available in the Davidoff flagship stores and in Switzerland via their own online store.

The cigar is presented here and what lies behind the exclusive distribution channel.

Davidoff Clubhouse 2021
The finale: Really very beautiful.

By Vasilij Ratej

I am the editor of Zigarren.Zone online magazine and FlashCigar (online magazine). In addition to text articles, I also produce video clips and video documentaries. My aim is to offer my readers and viewers a unique experience and bring them closer to the world of cigars and stories about people. I attach great importance to authenticity and honesty in my contributions.

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