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Unboxing Hoyo Primaveras Year Of Ox 18 box. Available in the Casas from 03.02.21 and from 10.02.21 at the Specialists in Switzerland. The box costs CHF 972, i.e. CHF 54 per cigar. Zigarren.Zone Social Network has the opportunity to present you the unboxing in this article. The cigar box is of very high quality and perfectly packaged for transportation. The outer box is important: the boxing date is written on it.

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A total of 8,888 boxes were produced worldwide. This represents the lucky number 8 in the Chinese tradition. How many boxes have found (or will find) their way to Switzerland, Germany and Austria is currently unknown.

The new Vitola Primaveras de Hoyo de Monterrey (48 ring gauge and 167 mm length) was specially selected for this limited production. The vitola heralds the spring festival of the Chinese lunar year in honor of the Year of the Ox. The format is called Hermosos No. 1 and goes by the trade name Grand Corona.

Tasting on 15.02.21: Test follows until 07.03.2021

A non-public tasting will take place in the lounge of Zigarren.Zone Social Network on 15.02.21. Due to the COVID-19 measures, of course, under the prescribed safety measures. Two people will be present: Christian Schmid (Photo factory 321) and Vasilij Ratej (publisher of Zigarren.Zone Social Network). A large test article with beautiful photos and a video will appear here on the website this week.

SPOILER ALERT: Mild, aromatic. Get a case or more if you can. I have tasted a sample. Of course, it's unfair and too early to make a final judgment. But... 🙂

Here is the test of the cigar with pairing Havana Club Cohiba Atmosphere Union >

First test
An elegant format, this Hermosos No. 1 (Grand Corona). Length 167 mm, ring 48.


Let's finally get to the unboxing. I hope you enjoy it.

Year Of The Ox
Bright red with a signal effect.
Velvet bag
The very high-quality box is wrapped in a velvet bag. The velvet bag is of high quality this time (compared to the Montecristo 80, which crackled incredibly cheaply).
Boxing date on the outer box
OCT 20 is the boxing date. High time to taste the cigar in mid-January 2021.
High-quality crate.
The high-quality box is also wrapped in thick cellophane. I really like this because the box is perfectly protected for transportation.

Do you still fancy the unboxing? Sure you do, don't you?

Velvet bottom of the box
The bottom of the back is covered with velvet (felt).
Year Of Ox
The box is high quality and looks wonderful.
Description of the cigars
The first look inside the high-quality box.
Cedar wood platelets
I like the sight of it. A kind of foreplay 🙂
Tissue paper
The obligatory tissue paper on the upper cigars.
Open box of the unboxing
The box is finally open 🙂
The upper layer
How it smells!
Two layers of cigars
9 cigars at the top and 9 cigars at the bottom.
Bottom layer of the cigars.
This is the bottom layer of the box. It contains 9 cigars.
8,888 crates were produced worldwide.

The presence event of the Primaveras on 13.01.21

The face-to-face event took place on January 13, 2021 in Hong Kong. It was attended by around 200 guests. They will have the opportunity to enjoy this launch live. As usual in recent months, the event will combine an in-person and virtual format. The Vice Presidents of Habanos, S.A. Leopoldo Cintra González and José María López Inchaurbe will be present.

The Primaveras de Hoyo de Monterrey Vitola will be produced in a limited edition. It will be available in all markets. This vitola will be offered in a special box containing 18 Habanos. As always, the cigars are "Totalmente a Mano con Tripa Larga" - completely by hand, with long filler tobacco produced. The wrapper, filler and binder come from the Vuelta Abajo* area in the Pinar del RĂ­o* region of Cuba*. The tobaccos were carefully selected. Mildness is one of the distinguishing features of the Hoyo de Monterrey brand. The Primaveras will be an excellent option for the most experienced smokers.

Hoyo de Monterrey

Hoyo de Monterrey is one of the most renowned Habanos brands. The name goes back to the plantation of the same name in San Juan y MartĂ­nez* in the heart of the Vuelta Abajo*. Undoubtedly one of the most famous plantations on very fertile soil. It alludes to the fertility of the Cuban lands, where one of the world's most famous tobaccos is grown. All vitolas of the brand are "Totalmente a Mano con Tripa Larga" - completely by hand, with long filler produced. The leaves all come from the Pinar del RĂ­o region*, in the Vuelta Abajo region*.

*Protected Appellations of Origin (D.O.P.)

By Vasilij Ratej

I am the editor of Zigarren.Zone online magazine and FlashCigar (online magazine). In addition to text articles, I also produce video clips and video documentaries. My aim is to offer my readers and viewers a unique experience and bring them closer to the world of cigars and stories about people. I attach great importance to authenticity and honesty in my contributions.

2 thoughts on “Unboxing Hoyo Primaveras Year Of Ox 18er Kiste”
  1. Good Vasilij... you had your tasting ! Of course, I can only judge that by tasting it myself. You have my address for 1-2 samples ? Ps: my wife likes "red" so of course she would be happy about the box ???. 

    Thanks for your report.... I've been ogling this cigar ever since I found out about it. Your report increases the excitement considerably. I just hope to get hold of one of these boxes ?

    1. It is definitely worth it. I have already tasted more of it and so have two other people. It has already reached the soaking phase. But it has wonderful ageing potential, it will be a very good cigar in two to three years of ageing. After buying, be sure to taste a sample and make notes so that you can compare them later.

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