Tobacco Especial by Drew Estate, Jonathan Drew

Tobacco Especial cigars: when cigars meet coffee

Tobacco Especial Cigars by Drew Estate. Discover the fascinating flavor explosion of these unusual cigars. Drew Estate is a flashy contemporary with a big heart. Swiss importer The Royal Cigar Company from Basel brings this eccentric novelty to Switzerland. The tobacco leaves are mixed with coffee brew. Which leaves of the cigars are and how the manufacturing process looks, was not revealed. Maybe we do not want to know ? I have tested two cigars and that's why you should read this post so you know what to expect with these cigars!

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What is the Tobacco Especial Cigars by Drew Estate all about?

Tobacco Especial by Drew Estate, Jonathan Drew

The combination of cigar and coffee is a real explosion of flavor. When the cigar is lit, the scent of tobacco and coffee rises into the air and immediately puts the smoker in a pleasant mood. During the first puff, the aromas of tobacco unfold and blend with the nuances of coffee. The cigar becomes an enjoyable companion to a good cup of coffee.

The tobacco Especial cigars are suitable for both experienced cigar smokers and beginners. Those who already have experience with cigars will appreciate the complexity and subtle nuances of the coffee-tobacco combination. For newcomers, the cigars offer a gentle introduction to the world of cigars with a hint of familiar coffee aroma.

The Tobacco Especial cigars are hand-rolled masterpieces, where every detail is processed with the utmost care. From the cultivation of the tobacco to the selection of coffee beans and the composition of the blends, attention is paid to quality and taste.

There is nothing better than lighting a Tobacco Especial cigar and enjoying it with a delicious coffee. The combination of tobacco and coffee is a real treat for the senses and offers a unique experience that will delight cigar lovers and coffee connoisseurs alike.

So the next time you're looking for a new flavor combination, why not try a Tobacco Especial cigar with a cup of coffee? You'll be surprised how well these two stimulants go together and complement each other. Let yourself be seduced by the aromas and dive into the world of half cigar, half coffee. An experience you won't soon forget.

I have tested two of the cigars!

Right at the beginning, because you should know: The cigars taste sweet. The one with the dark wrapper smells deliciously of cocoa. It tastes very sweet in the first 5 minutes! Coffee flavor I could not detect. Over time, the sweetness decreases, but always remains in the background.

The one with the light wrapper actually smells like coffee. Subtle. It is less sweet than the other.

The burn is very good on both. A few millimeters of wrapper are missing from the foot of the cigar. This is intentional. Because a cigar without a wrapper tastes very different. And you can experience that with these cigars. As soon as the wrapper is then added when smoking the cigar, the taste changes after a few minutes.

You just have to experience it to see for yourself!

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Tobacco Especial by Drew Estate, Jonathan Drew
Tobacco Especial by Drew Estate, Jonathan Drew

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