Godzilla vs Kong

New Godzilla vs. Kong on 25.3.21

Godzilla vs. Kong is a newly announced sci-fi moviewhich is due to be released in cinemas in 2021. If COVID-19 allows it, the theatrical release is scheduled for 25.03.21. I don't believe in this release date.

What does this movie have to do with cigars?

The movie title reminds me of my teenage years and how I tasted my first cigarillos when I was 18 (but probably when I was 15 - psschhht). It reminds me of a time when my whole life was still ahead of me - haha - what a terrible sentence ?

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It reminds me of watching Godzilla on TV sometime in the late 1970s. Even back then I was impressed by the animation technique, how this big creature rose out of the water and swept away rows of cars, trucks and skyscrapers. A little later, during my summer vacation in Slovenia, I saw the King Kong film with Jessica Lange in an outdoor cinema. Wow, I had an instant crush on this blonde and couldn't stand the fact that KONG had fallen in love with her.

I was sitting in my room in the early 80s (I can't remember exactly). It was after midnight. Somewhere I had a VHS cassette with this KONG movie and was watching it on a small monitor. I was puffing on rows of cigarillos.

Godzilla vs Kong
Godzilla smashes everything to bits.

4-minute eggs, cigarillos and movies at night

I must have seen KONG around 30 times during that time. It was always Saturday night, when my parents were already asleep. Then I dared to boil eggs in my room for 4 minutes in the egg stove and puff cigarillos. My God, that stank! I remember my mother coming into my room one night (she had been to the toilet earlier) because she heard movie noises. "PFUI! WHAT A STINK! HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!" I hear her shout in my mind. Then all I remember is that I had to open the window, take the egg stove into the kitchen and throw away all the remaining cigarillos.

Why was I actually able to buy cigarillos?

Today I ask myself how I was actually able to buy cigarillos? I was 16 or 17 years old at the beginning of the 1980s. I don't remember exactly. I remember buying the little boxes of cigarillos at the kiosk. Did anyone ask me for my age or ID back then? I can't remember that. I just remember that an older woman worked at "my" kiosk. And when I bought Playboy or Penthouse from time to time, she would occasionally say: "And all my pocket money is gone again, isn't it?" Oh dear, I think I was kind of embarrassed.

Godzilla vs Kong
KONG is in love.

So: What does this Godzilla vs. Kong movie have to do with cigars?

It's strange how thoughts sometimes play out. You start with one thought and suddenly end up 325 corners further on with a completely different thought. When I read the movie title recently, the first thing that came to my mind was the movie Godzilla. And then I remembered the movie King Kong with Jessica Lange and how I puffed cigarillos for the first time. What a wonderful time that was. Completely carefree, no thoughts about the future, every day brought a new adventure. But there were also the first heartbreaks of separation or rejection from girlfriends. There were also jubilant times with the first love letter, and the first kiss, the first grope - haha! So, that's all I'm going to reveal in this direction.

Let's come to the end

That was my personal story about the first time I puffed cigarillos. I have fond memories of those movie days with 4-minute eggs and cigarillos on Saturday night. What story do you have in store? I look forward to your comment 🙂

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