April Fool

NEW - CigarZone now also for non-smokers

Zigarren.Zone Social Network is a cigar blog (affectionately known as ZiZo). The blog is popular and German-speaking. In recent days, more non-smokers came forward to say that they feel discriminated against when they read the posts on the blog. Because everything is about cigars and enjoyment. Since they are non-smokers, however, they cannot enjoy the contributions rather. One has even switched on a lawyer with the following demand: "Zigarren.Zone must write also for nonsmokers contributions. Non-smokers also have the right to read enjoyable posts that have nothing to do with cigars."

The owner of Cigars.Zone Social Network - Vasilij Ratej - has a clear opinion on this: "I will write a post every 25 years that has nothing to do with cigars. And now you can cross me!"

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I wish you a happy 1st of April 🙂


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