Humdior 4.0 1

Humidor cigars storage and the humidor 4.0

Humidor cigar storage: In this cigar ZEN broadcast Remo Nüesch is a guest. We talk about exciting things in cigar storage and about the Humidor 4.0.

Humidor cigars storage

Remo Nüesch is the owner of his carpentry shop. Many years ago he started to build humidors for his own benefit. He soon realized that his humidors are high-end products that can be sold. He developed his own humidification system with an engineer and also the current technology with all its sensors, ventilators, lights and locking of the door to control access to the humidor via internet. With his Humidor 4.0, he currently has probably the most advanced humidor in the world. What it can do, he reveals to us in this program.

In the program we also talk about the cigar storage itself. Beginners learn a lot and also for advanced this show is a treat. Remo Nüesch invites the viewers to join him in the show room. You can have his humidors and the technology explained to you and enjoy a fine cigar.


The video

The best way to enjoy the video is with a great cigar and a nice drink.

What is Cigars ZEN? A special conversation format of ZiZo


It is often said that ZEN offers nothing. Neither a teaching, nor a secret, nor answers. It means to live life in its complete fullness. You can find an article about it at Wikipedia. So here it's all about celebrating the pleasure of a cigar, a drink and a conversation. Simply switch off and take time for yourself. Simply being and decelerate.

Humdior 4.0 1
The "Golden Humdior". The gold plates have 22 carats.

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  1. have looked at the post about these great humidors from Nüesch and found it highly interesting.
    Unfortunately, I have not so big feet ie this shoe number is definitely too big for me.
    I bought a small humidor from Adorini, the Adorini Chianti Deluxe Humidor.
    For me, this is the right shoe size. Nevertheless, I got good info from Mr. Nüesch.
    My question was if distilled water is enough, or if it needs this special liquid with silver ionide.
    I think distilled water is perfectly sufficient.

    1. Distilled water is tiptop. I even use only normal tap water in the large humidors for years. Disadvantage: I have to decalcify the water tubs every two to three months ? Thanks for your contribution and continue ?HAPPY SMOKE?

  2. Great post, I just do not understand what is the absolute world novelty respectively the most advanced? The UVC lamp? There are other humidor makers with exactly the same system? Schwabenhumidor with active hymidor humidification / control e.g.

    1. Advanced because you have an account on the server and can control your humidor over the Internet. You will be notified of various parameters when they are needed. For example, fill water, fan broken, change filter mat, etc. etc. etc. / And, the Remo can help from the office and access your humidor if you need support.