Manuels Feria del Tabaco 2021

Davidoff Dominicana in 1st place

Davidoff Dominicana takes first place at Manuel's Feria del Tabaco. It gets the title novelty of the year 2021. 150 participants evaluated 10 cigars. At the bottom of the post under "Resources on the topic" you can find additional info on the virtual event.

Place 2 and 3

The 2021 novelties include in 2nd place the Undercrown 10 Robusto and in 3rd place the Gilbert de Montsalvat Gran Robusto.

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Manuels Feria del Tabaco 2021
Second and third place. / Graphic: Manuel's

My palate says partly something else

1st place for the Davidoff Dominicana is well deserved. It is a great cigar! I was surprised that my ratings were partly worlds different, compared to the other participants. The New World Cameroon Short Robusto, for example, ended up in last place. With me, it achieved 1st place.


Testing the cigars was done with the anillas, and not "blind". One knew which brand one was testing. Psychology also plays a certain role. If someone does not like the Anilla, it may be that you also like the cigar less.

I wrote to Manuel that I would probably have to change my tongue. He replied that "we old hands have a slightly different taste". Well, I feel as an "old hand" but still squeaky clean 😉

Manuels Feria del Tabaco 2021
The Davidoff Dominicana deservedly in first place / Graphic: Manuel's

The reviews of Cigars.Zone

Davidoff Dominicana in 1st place
Here are the results in comparison.

Conclusion and the evaluation sheet

A great way to be able to rate your cigars online. Manuel's has implemented this very clearly and filling out the ratings was self-explanatory and easy. Now the Manuel would only have to offer such a tool for all his cigars and customers.

Manuels Feria del Tabaco 2021 evaluation sheet
The evaluation sheet was included with the order.
Manuels Feria del Tabaco 2021 evaluation sheet
It was possible to fill in the evaluation form on paper and then transfer the results online.

Or even better: Against payment, all cigar connoisseurs could use this tool and also rate their own cigars. Of course with stock / storage location (so in which humidor these cigars are) / By pressing a button trigger the order at Manuel's.


Now I may have put a flea in his ear.

Resources on the topic


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