High-ranking visitor to 5THAvenue - Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba visits the Habanos importer

His Excellency Ramón Ripoll Díaz, Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to Germany, visited the 5THAvenue Products Trading-GmbH.

He was accompanied by his wife Milagros Franco, who works for the Cuban Foreign Ministry. During his visit, the ambassador learned about the current business development of the Official Sole Importer of Habanos for Germany, Austria and Poland and visited the warehouse where the premium cigars from Cuba - the Habanos - which are rolled entirely by hand, and the "Cuban Mini Cigars", the machine-made cigarillo products, are stored under perfect climatic conditions.

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Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba visits the Habanos importer
(from left) Ramón Ripoll Díaz (Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba), Bárbara Leyva de la Torre (Commercial Manager of 5th Avenue and representative of Habanos S.A.) and 5th Avenue Managing Director Heinrich Villiger during a visit to the Habanos importer 5th Avenue in Waldshut-Tiengen.

The company, which has a total of 50 employees, is based at the Villiger site in Waldshut-Tiengen. Ramón Ripoll Díaz was also welcomed on this occasion by Heinrich Villiger, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Villiger Söhne AG and Managing Director of the 5THAvenue Products Trading-GmbH. Together with the Cuban Habanos S.A., Villiger founded the world's first joint venture for the exclusive import and distribution of Habanos, the legally protected cigars from Cuba, in 1989. Today 5THAvenue offers all 27 Habanos brands in around 200 different formats, most of which are sold in upmarket tobacco shops. 

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