10 ticket vouchers for Man's World to be won

Win 10 ticket vouchers for Man's World

10 ticket vouchers for Man's World to be won! All correct entries will be entered into a draw during the day on 03.04.2022. All members of Zigarren.Zone can take part. Not a member yet? Please register now >

What was up for grabs / The competition is over

Win 10 ticket vouchers for Man's World
Man's World in Hall 550, Zurich. A MUST!

Important to know

  • The vouchers are sent by Urs Portmann Tabakwaren AG, worldwide.
  • We would be delighted to receive a few photos of the event, please send them to genuss@zigarren.zone. A report will be published on Zigarren.Zone afterwards.
  • Please note the conditions of participation after the post.
Win 10 ticket vouchers for Man's World
Take part and, with a little luck, win a voucher for your ticket!

The competition questions

Please fill out the form below. Once the draw is made, you will not be able to see the form below. Here you will find the answers to the questions >

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By submitting you confirm that you are of legal age (18+).
  1. What was opened on 11.03.22 in St. Gallen?
  2. The two co-owners have their say in the short film documentary. What is their first name?
  3. Can you see a cigar roller in the short film documentary?

Competition regulations for cigars

1How you can win
1.1Eligible are Members of the Cigars.Zone Plus mailing list. If you are not yet a member, please register here. Persons aged 18 and over are eligible to participate.
1.2The winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries.
2How do you find out about your winnings
2.1The winner will be announced in the article on the above date and will also receive an email.
3How the shipping is done
The shipment will be made by Swiss Post, uninsured, within one week after notification of the prize.
Any costs incurred for the delivery service are to be paid by the winner directly to the delivery service (e.g. if the winner has the shipment redirected to another address, etc.) The winner does not pay any fees to Crazycat Media GmbH.
3.3The prize will be shipped by Crazycat Media GmbH to Switzerland and Liechtenstein; shipping tobacco prizes abroad is not permitted. The company operates the online magazine Zigarren.Zone.
4The fine print
Crazycat Media GmbH may use your text and photo in social media. A later deletion in the social media is excluded.
4.2No cash payment.
4.3No correspondence will be entered into about the competition.
4.4The legal process is excluded.
4.5No replacement in case of loss or damage of the package and the goods.
4.6The raffle regulations can be adapted to current circumstances by Crazycat Media GmbH at any time without notice.
4.7If you receive the prize and do not want to keep it: Please inform Crazycat Media GmbH within 24 hours after receiving the prize. Send an eMail to: verlosung@zigarren.zone and return the prize unused within 14 days at your expense to: Crazycat Media GmbH, Spinnlerstrasse 2, 4410 Liestal - Switzerland.
5.1After the raffle all emails will be deleted.
5.2Your email address and physical address will not be shared with any third party, either for free or for a fee.
6Competition Promotion META (Facebook, Instagram)
According to the META guidelines for contests Crazycat Media GmbH is obliged to mention the following at META Social Media: 1.) On the contest page of Zigarren.Zone rules are established. Crazycat Media GmbH has created the rules and controls its compliance. 2) Crazycat Media GmbH confirms that the promotion has no connection with META and its Social Media and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by META and its Social Media.

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