Two high-quality cigar rings add to the beautiful overall look.

AVO Expressions LE 2024 test report. Today I have something special for you - the new AVO. Of course, I had to take a closer look and tested three of them. This cigar scored 93 ZiZo pleasure points. All three smoked linearly and developed rather slowly, but hey, the 93 points didn't come by chance.'s INSIDER mailing list
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AVO Expressions LE 2024

Click on the photo above. / For the video in English please click here. Unfortunately, AVO is translated strangely, the AI is already at the limit. It translates it as /eɪ / ˈdʌbəl.juː / oʊ/ 😅🙄. Do you understand? The V is translated as ˈdʌbəl.juː 🤣

I tested three of them. AVO Expressions LE 2024

I tested three of them.

The quality of the AVO Expressions LE 2024

The AVO Expressions LE 2024 Expressions is a Toro. Length 165mm, ring 50.

The AVO Expressions LE 2024 is a Toro. Length 165mm, ring 50.

The variety of flavors and the balance of the tobacco blend are really top! The smoking experience was excellent with all three cigars. They glowed evenly, and although the ash didn't last forever, I knew that quickly and ashed regularly. So no problem.

Two high-quality cigar rings contribute to the beautiful overall picture. AVO LE Limited Edition 2024 Expressions

The AVO Expressions LE 2024 is a Toro. Length 165mm, ring 50.

The draw resistance? Optimal! And the strength is a light 2 out of 5 on the strength scale, making it perfect for beginners too. The aftertaste is super pleasant and leaves you feeling the pleasure for a while. For cigar lovers who prefer strong cigars, this cigar is of course a lightweight. But just try it and be enchanted by the subtle variety of flavors.

The taste

On the palate and retronasally, the AVO Expressions LE 2024 offers a sweet, slightly grassy and slightly spicy note. This is accompanied by subtle nuances of bitter cocoa, coffee beans and wood - all with a slightly acidic undertone. The aroma of the smoke is subtle and round.

The AVO Expressions LE 2024 is an uncomplicated cigar that I really enjoyed. So, if you're looking for a relaxed smoking experience that won't overwhelm you, but still impresses with its subtle nuances, then you shouldn't miss out on this cigar.

Enjoy and see you next time!

It glows evenly and for a long time. Do not wait too long to ash it off. AVO Expressions LE 2024

It glows evenly and for a long time. Do not wait too long to ash it off.

About this limited edition

AVO Expressions LE 2024

Wrapper: Ecuador / binder: Mexico / filler: Dom. Republic and USA

The AVO Expressions Limited Edition is a tribute to creativity and individuality. The Toro cigar stands for AVO's endeavor to create exceptional experiences for aficionados and to combine traditional methods with contemporary flair. The brand has collaborated with US music icon DJ D-Nice to create a cigar that reflects his artistic creative process. The limited edition is inspired by the dynamic world of music mixing through disc jockeying (DJing).

DJ-Nice's skills are reflected in the captivating and stimulating flavor journey of the cigar, which exemplifies AVO's expertise in blending and rolling. To capture the innovative spirit of DJ D-Nice's creative process, AVO has added a bourbon barrel-aged tobacco to the blend that delights with wonderful caramel notes. The pigtail cap of the Toro completes the harmonious creation and demonstrates AVO's high level of craftsmanship.

"We are proud to present the AVO Expressions Limited Edition 2024. This new cigar is a testament to our brand's philosophy of combining the art of cigar making with creative flavor profiles. It is a tribute to the artistic expression and innovation that is always at the heart of AVO Cigars," says Edward Simon, CMO at Oettinger Davidoff. "AVO Expressions, with its harmonious blend, is a must-have for longtime fans and new companions of the AVO Cigars journey."

The box of 15 cigars costs CHF 330.00. The cigars are individually wrapped in cellophane. AVO Expressions LE 2024

The box of 15 cigars costs CHF 330.00. The cigars are individually wrapped in cellophane.

About AVO Cigars

The story of AVO Cigars began in 1982 when brand founder Avo Uvezian, a legendary, world-renowned jazz and cigar composer, met Tabadom's master blenders in the Dominican Republic. Soon, a productive collaboration was born that led to the launch of the AVO Classic Series - an almost immediate success. Avo Uvezian put his passion into the soul of his brand. The ability to celebrate the moment and live the dynamics of a situation reflects the soul of AVO Cigars with the motto "CHANGE THE TEMPO". It is precisely these values that appeal to the characters that carry forward the rhythm of these iconic cigars.

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AVO Expressions LE 2024

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