Light 'em Up GO Cigars App

Light 'em Up GO App - the new cigar app

The Light'Em Up Go app is a secret tip for all cigar lovers around the world. To become a member there for free, you need to receive a secret invitation.

What is it about?

With the app, you can share your locations with other epicureans. Looking for a cigar lounge in Berlin? You'll find it in the app - including photos and description. The motto of the app is:'s INSIDER mailing list
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"Miss out on less of what you enjoy most! L'eU GO fosters camaraderie, finds places to smoke, and helps you make good buying decisions - virtually and physically."

You can use the app as soon as a member has sent you an invitation link with a code. You can't get in any other way. There are already several Ambassadors.

The app is independent of an App Store. The Apple App Store bans everything that has to do with tobacco. That's what happened to Cigar Aficionado. Its Smoke Locator was banned in 2018.

More information will be available in the coming weeks and months.

How is data protection regulated?

It complies with the valid EU regulations. "We definitely do not have access to contacts and will not query them. We even have a guest account, for those who want to remain anonymous," as far as the operator of the app.

Who is behind it?

The co-founder is the well-known Reinhard Pohorec, 2020 Cigar Trophy Award Winner Cigar Ambassador. He is known for his Facebook livetalks "Light'em Up Lounge". Other start-up founders are Christian Schröder and Emil Bostijancic.

The code for you to log in

The code was sent on 27.09.21 at 08:00. You can get invitations exclusively from your friends who are already members of the app.

Photos from the app

Light'Em Up Go App
Light'Em Up Go App.
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