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This is my contribution from the review SensorAPP LCDT Knokke from Belgium. The sensor runs via app on Android and iOs. There are two versions of the app: Full version and light version. The light version is exclusively the sensor. The full version includes the shop of Knokke and your personal stock management. Both apps are free of charge.

Until 08.09.19 I will take the sensor under the magnifying glass and publish a separate test report. I am curious how well the sensor will perform.

Who is LCDT?

“LCDT” is La Casa Del Tabaco. The company comes from Belgium. Not to be confused with the company of the same name from Spain. In July 2019 LCDT Knokke was able to offer the humidor sensor free of charge for an order value of EUR 350 or more. I asked for media information about the sensor. Instead they offered me a copy for testing. Thank you very much for this generosity – that is very friendly. Knokke answered my questions about the app very quickly. Thank you very much for that, too.

No full version in iOs Appstore, but the light version is available

The full version of the app is not available on iOs in the App Store. The light version is. The full version of LCDT Knokke has to be installed manually under iOs. More about this is coming soon.

Short digression about Apple’s tobacco policy

Suppliers of tobacco and tobacco accessories that run through iOs have a hell of a time; the apps have been kicked out of the App Store. It’s incomprehensible to me that Apple has imposed such rules. Even bolder: One hears again and again about Apple customers, who bring a device to the repair, and the repair is rejected if smoke and nicotine deposits are provable.

There are still tobacco apps available in the Apple App Store, but most have been removed. That’s why a vendor needs to be creative. CIGSOR had the same problem. With every update they have to communicate to Apple that this is a sensor that is used everywhere; in the fridge, in the wine cellar and even in cigar humidors. That’s why this app is still available on the App Store.

Apple forbids apps that deal with tobacco, including accessories. ZigarrenZone has reported about it. Test report sensor APP LCDT Knokke

Under iOs: Install App manually and get Udpates for yourself

The full version of LCDT Knokke has to be installed manually under iOs. LCDT Knokke has provided a short guide to the steps to follow. Apple offers a way how to “trust” such a provider; you have to unlock it in the right place. This is explained very well in the manual. However, this special menu item is only available if you have installed the app. The Apple support chat helped me in this respect ? Because I had deleted the app again and the menu item I needed was not available. Yes, logic is not always my strength ?

The disadvantage: You have to get updates under iOs yourself. Check this page regularly for updates. Knokke has set up an exemplary update page here. I like that.

Full version: Your personal warehouse management

Photo below: This is what it looks like. Under “Type” you can choose “Wine, Spirit, Cigar”. Excellent solution. Even the boxcode has been thought of. For example, you can enter the box date of Cuban boxes here. Also well thought out: You can either upload a photo with the app or shoot a new photo right away. Very good!

Not well thought out: If you select the “Take Picture” function, you take a live photo. If you then want to take another photo, the first photo is irrevocably lost; the photos are not saved in the photo app.

Test report SensorAPP LCDT Knokke

Photo below: For testing purposes I have collected a few cigars. Adding them is self-explanatory. It may take a few seconds until a captured file is displayed. So don’t be afraid if it’s not visible immediately after saving. It will look like this:

Test report SensorAPP LCDT Knokke

Photo below: If you want to make changes: Just click on the photo. And if you want to delete the file: click on EDIT and then on REMOVE.

Test report SensorAPP LCDT Knokke

Photo below: Once you have many files in it, you can set a filter. However, the search function is missing in the warehouse management. In my opinion this should be available. Which hopefully will come: The overview of the number of cigars and its value. That would be something ?

Test report SensorAPP LCDT Knokke

The shop of Knokke

Same structure as the website. It is super easy to use and self-explanatory; shopping cart function as you know and love it. Outstandingly conceived and implemented.

Test report SensorAPP LCDT Knokke

Helpful links

Conclusion for the app

The warehouse management: It is self-explanatory and therefore excellently designed. My compliments! A search function, the display of total cigars and its total value would be desirable ?

The installation of the app: As iOs user you have to install the full version of the app manually. The corresponding “Sharing Area” is only available in the settings once the app has been installed. Logically, I know ?, see above my chat with Apple Support. The light version can be found and installed under iOs in the Appstore. Here is the link to the light version iOs > The link to the light version cannot be found at Knokke.

Update der Vollversion unter iOs: Du musst regelmässig diese Seite aufsuchen und das neueste Update installieren. Das ist eine Krücke, aber Knokke hat das vorbildlich hingekriegt.

Update the full version under iOs: You have to visit this page regularly and install the latest update. It’s a crutch, but Knokke did it exemplary.

Until 08.09.19 I will take the sensor under the magnifying glass and publish a separate test report. I am curious how well the sensor will perform. In the test report I also describe how the connection of the sensor will be done.

Are there readers that have this sensor in operation? Please contact us.

Please use the comment area below. Tell us your impressions, I am curious, how the sensor works.