Preview Romeo Y Julieta Tacos Limited 2018

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From 11.09.18 you can buy the Romeo Y Julieta Tacos Limitada 2018 in Switzerland at La Casa Del Habano. From 18.09.18 at the Habanos Specialist. This cigar has a very nice quality feature: White dots on the ashes.

What these white dots mean, please read here.

Background informations

  • 25 cigars per box
  • Format: Tacos Imperiales (49 x 168mm)
  • Per box CHF 600.00 (p.p. CHF 24.00)
  • BD JUN 18

According to the book “The World of Habanos” (published by the Tobacco Research Institute in Cuba), the tobaccos used in a “Limitada” have matured for at least 2 years before the cigar is rolled.

The boxing date (BD) is JUN 18. I have tasted a single copy on 10.09.18. It is just young enough before it can become “biting” because the ripening process of the tobacco begins. At tastings made after October 2018, the cigar may taste bad.

Of course, this is not a mistake of the cigar, but a completely natural ripening procedure of Cuban cigars.

Please notice.

I recommend a minimum ageing period of 4 years.

How did I like that beautiful cigar?

The cold scent is a real delight: “Deeper”, “warm” tobacco – somewhat sweet and sour. Hui, how wonderful! The cold draft was slightly sweet. What a beautiful cigar. A great format. Elegant by its length of 168 mm and not too thick (ring 49 = 19.45 mm).

I am not giving an opinion, let alone a verdict. Because that would be unfair to the cigar. It is simply still too young to be able to give a fair judgement. It tasted to me like this: slightly bitter / a pleasant acidity / gently sweet. Retronasal somewhat peppery, light roasted aromas of coffee beans.

The first half was more “subtle” in taste. The second half was slightly more bitter, but more sweet. Retronasal 2nd half: More roasted aromas of coffee beans and a little pepperier.

The ash is stable and firm. The “crystalline” white dots are a quality feature of the wrapper. This is not always the case.

What these white dots mean, please read here.


A beautiful format. A great wrapper. The taste suggests that the cigar will develop very well until June 2022 after professional ripening. Depending on your taste preference, the ripening may take 2 years longer. I recommend the purchase of a box. If you buy a single copy, it should be kept in the tubo and in the humidor. This ensures that the ripening storage is optimal.

Do you want to know what kind of ashtray it is? Made of blue glass by ZINO 🙂

What is “retronasal”? (retrohale)

Retrohale cigar enjoyment enhances the taste. You can read what this is and why it works and how to do it in the online edition of the GenussBrief.