Masterpiece unique piece of a Warrior wasp tobacco pipe


This masterpiece unique piece of a warrior wasp tobacco pipe is inspired by the WARRIOR WASP (warrior wasp) from Brazil. The unique thing about the wasp is the position of its backside when flying: it points upwards. This is also the design of this exquisite tobacco pipe individual piece. If you hold it in your mouth, the body points upwards. This unique piece was created by a tobacco pipe artist, who is about to dedicate himself to a new artistic field. It is the culmination of his work. One can be curious! Artists are very creative and ingenious people. The philosophy of their work is not accessible to everyone. This artist wants to remain unrecognized. This masterpiece has neither inclusions nor any flaws in the wood.

Nature is my inspiration.

The Artist

The artist says about his work: “I have taken nature as a model. The elaboration of the proportions and tension lines was extremely complex. I have always found the wasp form extremely exciting. But no solution for tobacco pipes wanted to please me. When I look at this work I feel satisfaction and it makes me happy. I wish that this, my last work, finds a worthy home.”

If one buys this masterpiece, the stamp on the tobacco pipe will of course not be missing. Here on the photos you can see no stamp yet. So the buyer only finds out which artist it is after the purchase.

Here you buy a masterpiece in a blind flight, so to speak. It is similar to a cigar tasting where you don’t know the brand you are smoking. The secret is revealed and you are surprised again and again that the cigar was an unknown or a well-known brand. Nevertheless it tasted excellent, if it is unknown. So it is the same here. Maybe it is about a very famous artist, but maybe not. But the real connoisseurs among readers and tobacco pipe collectors will recognize the perfect proportions of this masterpiece. They also recognize the value of the wood grain.

This masterpiece is available for purchase at ZigarrenZone GmbH at a price of CHF 4’500 plus VAT 7.7%. For export it is exempt from VAT. The buyer pays the customs duties abroad directly in his country. Shipping is worldwide insured at a price of CHF 300 by courier. Within Switzerland, the masterpiece can be picked up at the domicile of ZigarrenZone GmbH in Liestal. Alternatively, shipping in Switzerland and Liechtenstein is by mail, insured, at a price of CHF 100.


  • Wood: Bruyere / Briar
  • Application and mouthpiece:
  • Pretreated with smoking paste. The reason here is the optical design and not the functionality.
  • Length: 10.5 cm
  • Height: 10 cm
  • Combs: 2 x 4 cm
  • Weight: 52 gr
  • Without filter
  • This masterpiece has neither inclusions nor spots in the wood.