Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco

Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco and the Cigar Slipper

Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco in Gstaad; Habanos cigars and high-quality clothing. There are even cigar slippers - handmade in Great Britain. I spoke with managing director Sérgio Araujo.

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Fascination Habanos cigar

"I love cigars!" says Sérgio Araujo. In his brief introduction, I can already tell that he is a man of pleasure who greatly appreciates the craftsmanship of the cigar. He muses, "This immense work that goes behind it, from the field to the finished cigar, and which I then light up and enjoy at my leisure. What a wonderful product!"'s INSIDER mailing list
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He pauses for a moment and continues, "We are Habanos Specialist, so we get allocated a little more Cuba cigars than specialty retailers who don't have Habanos status."

In 2019, Zwahlen-Hüni AG took over the tobacco business from Mr. Fuhrer, who retired. Then, March 2020, came the lockdown. "In the store, we were allowed to sell tobacco products, but nothing else. So no lighters, ashtrays and the like," Sérgio Araujo recounts. "However, we were allowed to ship and deliver such products. There were travelers at that time who stayed here in Gstaad for several weeks and months because they didn't know how to return to their country. That was a peculiar situation."

Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco
Welcome to Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco in Gstaad, please come in...
Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco
Hello, I am Sérgio Araujo, Managing Director of Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco in Gstaad.

Here you find Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco

"A premium cigar is not a machine product," Sérgio Araujo enthuses. "When I treat myself to a cigar, I first ask myself: how much time do I have? According to this criterion, I choose the size of the cigar. I relax, let my thoughts run free. I look at it, feel it, cut it, then comes the cold draw and after that the lighting. During this ritual I think about the person who rolled this cigar. During the smoke, I often think about the process of making the cigar. I really appreciate this product because it is true craftsmanship and there is hard work behind it. We shouldn't forget that."

Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco
The coat of arms of the family. Please, come in!
Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco
It's quite a sight, isn't it?

Gstaad and the global clientele

I wonder who buys cigars in Gstaad at all? "Mainly guests who own property here, as well as local connoisseurs," Sérgio Araujo explains to me. "They stay here in a hotel or have a house. They spend a few weeks here in Gstaad and stock up on cigars." The winter season lasts from about mid-December to early March. The summer season starts in mid-June and ends around mid-September.

"In the summer months, there are also sporting events. The village is full of people. It's a great atmosphere!" he explains.

Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco
The Zwahlen-Hüni family sells fine clothing. But, wait a minute... see those shoes downstairs? Are there cigar motifs on them?
Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco
Indeed! Fantastic! These are completely handmade cigar loafers. High quality materials are used and they have a leather sole. I was so excited about them that I ordered a pair a few days after our interview. CHF 389.00 the pair. They are suitable for indoor use, and not to walk with.

The cigar loafer

When I saw the photo, I thought the idea was really cool. I can really recommend them - real quality work. But buy them rather one size larger. My 41 size is a little too tight on the foot. Just fantastic. So in style, I'll be walking up and down my lounge from now on, with a cigar... what a picture! ?

Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco
The noble cabinets invite you to browse. Of course, you will be gladly advised so that you can buy the right accessories for your cultivated smoking pleasure.
Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco
The walk-in humidor contains many Habanos cigars and also cigars from other countries.

Customers understand the shortage of Habanos cigars

"Because we have globally traveling customers, they know that Habanos cigars are currently in short supply. They understand it and buy what is available. Of course, every now and then there are customers who want a certain brand in a certain format, and leave again without buying anything," Sérgio Araujo says. "Our customers mainly buy Cuban cigars. Of course, we also have cigars from other countries here."

The three most popular Cuba cigars from him are: Partagas E No. 2 / H. Upmann Magnum 54 / Cohiba Robusto.

Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco
Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco is a Habanos Specialist.
As a Habanos Specialist's was also in the shortage years 2021 / 2022 slightly more allocation from the official importer Intertabak AG. Specialist stores that do not have Habanos status received less Habanos cigars.

Visit Gstaad and have a look at Zwahlen-Hüni Cigares Tobacco!

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