Raphael is super happy with Zino Nicaragua Robusto win

Zino Nicaragua RaphaelZino Nicaragua Raphael.

Another winner of the Zino Nicaragua (box of 25 Robusto) is Raphael. As soon as he got home, he took a selfie.

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Super great price!

Raphael was notified by email that he was one of the two winners of a 25-pack crate. A few days later, the parcel arrived on his doorstep. Into the apartment, package unpacked, jacket still on and first selfie taken (see cover photo above). "Thank you so much for this prize draw and this fantastic prize!" Raphael wrote to me.

The treats were sponsored by Oettinger Davidoff, Basel. Many thanks for this generosity!

Zino Nicaragua Raphael
Raphael is super happy!

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