Ox - The Ox. What is the significance of the new lunar year 2021? Every year, various cigar manufacturers bring their "Year Of..." specialties into the humidors of cigar lovers.

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The importance for cigar connoisseurs

Davidoff writes about the Year of the Ox: "2021 is the Year of the Ox. A sign of the zodiac characterized by diligence, reliability, strength and determination. Thoughtful, determined and honest, people born in the Year of the Ox are helpful, reliable and trusting friends who never demand recognition for their support, but are extremely grateful when they are rewarded for their efforts with a gift. (...)"

Personally, I first noticed the Davidoff brand with a specialty like this years ago. I've been a fan ever since (even if I've often had something to complain about). A little later, other brands followed suit. This year, of course, there is another Davidoff on the subject of "Year Of The Ox". Wow, this is awesome!

Year Of Ox
The box is high quality and looks wonderful. Hoyo de Monterrey Primaveras, Year Of The Ox 2021

Lunar New Year and the year of the "Ox"

Quote: Wikipedia "Lunar New Year is the beginning of the year in some traditional Asian calendar systems. New Year is celebrated there at a certain phase of the moon, usually on the day of the new moon. The underlying calendar can be based on the lunar year (354 days) or the lunisolar year (365 days, but with leap months)."

And further: "The ox (牛) is the second of the 12-year periodic sequence (cycle) of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac in connection with the Chinese calendar and also appear in related calendar systems.

Plasencia Year Of The Ox
Plasencia, Year Of The Ox 2021

The Chinese meaning

The Chinese term translated here as ox is niú (牛) in Chinese, a word that generally refers to cows, bulls or castrated species of the bovine family, such as the common cattle or water buffalo. The zodiacal ox can be understood as male, female, castrated, hermaphroditic and either singular or plural.

The year of the ox is also denoted by the earthly branch symbol chǒu (丑). The term "zodiac" is ultimately derived from an ancient Greek term that refers to a "circle of little animals". There is also an annual month of the ox and a daily hour of the ox (Chinese double hour, 1:00 am to 3:00 am).

Davidoff Year Of The Ox Masterpiece humidor and pipe
Davidoff Year Of The Ox 2021: The collection

Years of the Ox (cows) are distinguished cyclically through correlation with the cycle of the celestial stems, resulting in a repeating cycle of five years of the Ox/Cow (over a period of sixty years), with each year of the Ox/Cow also being associated with one of the Chinese wǔxíng, also known as the 'five elements' or 'phases': the "Five Phases" are fire (火 huǒ), water (水 shuǐ), wood (木 mù), metal (金 jīn) and earth (土 tǔ).

The Year of the Ox follows the Year of the Rat (the first year of the zodiac cycle), which took place in 2020, and it will then be followed by the Year of the Tiger, which will take place in 2022."

Davidoff Year Of The Ox 2021 Tasting
Davidoff cigar test Year Of The Ox 2021

Plasencia also brought a Year Of The Ox out. And the Cubans have also conjured up a fantastic creation with a beautiful box. Here is the exclusive Unboxing Hoyo Primaveras Year Of Ox 18 box at Zigarren.Zone Social Network; a detailed test will be available in the week of 15.02.2021.

Google review, thank you 🙂

By Vasilij Ratej

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