Zino Nicaragua and the winner Urban Ammann

Urban in 7th heaven wins Zino Nicaragua

Urban has won a Zino Nicaragua 4er Freshpack. Another competition at Zigarren.Zone online magazine has come to an end. The next one is already in the pipeline.

Zino Nicaragua is a MEGA success

The relaunch of ZINO (06.5.21) is a tremendous success for Oettinger Davidoff. The target group is young, likes quiet enjoyment, likes to go out into nature and enjoys the light Zino Nicaragua. The winner Urban Ammann also belongs to this target group. "It almost hit me," he wrote to me. The Zigarren.Zone Social Network competitions are legendary. Become a member now for freeand experience the friendly community of Zigarren.Zone Onlinemagazin.

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Save The Date

On 11.09.21 there's a new Zino Nicaragua competition. You can win a box of 25 Robustos. One month later, on 09.10.21, you can win a 25-box Toro. You can find the competitions here >

Zino Nicaragua and the winner Urban Ammann
Zino Nicaragua and the winner Urban Ammann.
Zino Nicaragua and the winner Urban Ammann
His prize: a 4-pack of Freshpack Zino Nicaragua Toro.

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