The Habanos cigar - Part 2

The Habanos Cigar Part 2 - Cigar Rush Mood

The Habanos cigar. Part 2: Cigar frenzy mood. In part 2 of this 4-part documentary, we talk about the so-called "cigar frenzy" of the world-famous Habanos cigar and how it was able to become world-famous so quickly. On the one hand through immense expertise and on the other through tough business practices. The expert Claudia Puszkar is a guest in all four parts. An eBook of the same name will be published for each part approximately one month after the broadcasts.

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The video: The Habanos cigar part 2 - Cigar intoxication mood

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What you'll experience in the show

We talk about how small the world-famous cigar brands started and why they became world-famous quite quickly; the owners' great knowledge of tobacco and cigars was one of the success factors. Other factors were quite hard tricks against the tobacco farmers to get their land cheaply. We also talk about influential cigar magnates and how feared they were by their employees even after the boss's death. The murder of Mr. Partagas is also discussed.

The documentary series was produced on behalf of the two official importers: 5th Avenue Products GmbH and Intertabak AG.

The Habanos cigar part 2
The Habanos cigar - Part 2: Cigar intoxication mood

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  1. Dear Vasilij, and the second part is also great! I asked myself two things:
    1. did the producers back then have the time and resources to store tobacco in order to produce "mature" cigars or was this not an issue at all?
    2. there were no local producers or were they unable to assert themselves? Or was this not even possible due to the social structure? Does it sound as if the successful man from the old world could only make cigars?
    Now I'm already looking forward to the third part!

    1. Hi Franco, thanks for your questions!

      Re 1) Back then, everything was still in its infancy. However, curing was not yet necessary because they had sufficient quantities of tobacco available at the time.

      Re 2) They were all local producers. After all, it was a Spanish colony. These producers became great specialists in tobacco cultivation, fermentation and the manufacture of cigars. So, they had it all in their hands. Not all men from the old world came to Cuba already wealthy. Ramon Allones, for example, was poor when he arrived in Havana. How he managed to become so wealthy is largely unknown. What is known is that all these men always married very well in Cuba (i.e. to ladies who were already well off or wealthy).

      The third part will be recorded on 03.05.22 and published at the end of May. It's going to be an exciting show, my goodness... ?

      LG, Vasilij