The Habanos cigar part 1 - How it all began

The Habanos Cigar Part 1 - How it all began

The Habanos cigar. Part 1: How it all began. In part 1 of this 4-part documentary, we talk about the beginnings of the world-famous Habanos cigar. The expert Claudia Puszkar is a guest in all four parts. The eBook of the same name will be published for each part approximately one month after the broadcast.

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The video: The Habanos cigar part 1 - How it all began

The best way to enjoy the video is with a great cigar and a nice drink.

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What you'll experience in the show

We talk about the major challenges: How was the tobacco brought from the growing region to Havana? Why were the cigars not rolled in the growing region? What role did the Spanish tobacco monopoly play? What happened when the British took Havana? Why did the British return Havana to Spain after a short time? Why did cigar production suddenly explode (in a positive sense)?

The documentary series was produced on behalf of the two official importers: 5th Avenue Products GmbH and Intertabak AG.

The Habanos cigar part 1 - How it all began
The Viñales Valley, Cuba, is one of the world-famous cigar tobacco growing regions.

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  1. Full of anticipation, I have just watched the first part. It's really great how vividly Ms. Puszkar tells the story of the beginning of industrial tobacco production. Beautiful perspectives open up before my inner eye. It makes me want to see the next parts and part two is available right now. Thank you Vasilij.

    1. Hi Franco, thank you very much for your great feedback 🙂 I also think that Claudia is doing a great job. Continue to enjoy the series, LG, Vasilij

  2. Sometimes you wish you had a time machine so that you could watch the goings-on live at certain times...and leave in good time. Taking a few cigars with you in your pockets. What will it be like in 200 years' time when you look back at the current time/situation? Will tobacco then be traded like substances that fall under the BTM? In some countries, tobacco bans are already on the horizon. The quality of prohibited cigars will definitely suffer as a result. Let us therefore consider ourselves lucky to be in the current situation, despite the current supply bottlenecks.

    1. I'm also curious to see what the future will bring. Sometimes I wish I could travel 1000 years into the future in a time machine. Maybe then there will be special cigar hotels in the near orbit of the sun... ?

  3. Ingenious! A wonderful insight into the history and description of the beginning of a very special pleasure.
    More of it!

    1. Thank you very much, Roli. Parts 2-4 will be published at intervals this year. There is also an eBook for each part that you can download (also free of charge). The eBooks will appear approximately one month after the broadcast.

        1. The Archivist. Maybe I should also produce a movie and eBook series about your experiences in Cuba. All I need is a producer who can raise the money. ?