The Circus Vulcano Short Fat PyramidLooks dangerous. Like pyro technology ?

The Circus Vulcano Short Fat Pyramid - haha - the little fat one; we're talking about this cigar and nothing else. The cigar is now available in Switzerland. Some of the filler tobacco comes from Pennsylvania USA. This is rarely found in cigars in our region. That's why my heart is beating faster right now: I have to try this cigar!'s INSIDER mailing list
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Facts about The Circus Vulcano Short Fat Pyramid

The importer is Cigarmundi GmbH. The factsheet states:

  • Mixture:
    • Wrapper: San Andrés Mexico
    • Binder: Nicaragua
    • Filler: Nicaragua, Pennsylvania USA
  • Aroma / taste
    • Licorice
    • Nut
    • peppery, spicy
    • Subtle sweetness
  • Special feature
    • Exciting format (Short Fat Pyramid)
    • Exciting blend (Nicaragua's spice combined with Pennsylvania's sweetness)
  • Made in Nicaragua by Daniel Guerrero. How - you don't know him? Unravel the mystery of Daniel Guerrero, you can find the link to the interview below in the resources section!
The Circus Vulcano Short Fat Pyramid
In Switzerland, the cigar is imported by Cigarmundi GmbH.

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