Silencio Los Rios Review

Silencio Los Rios: Today I have something very special for you: a cigar with an exciting blend of tobaccos from Brazil and elsewhere. Let's find out together what this creation tastes like.

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Cigar review of the Silencio Los Rios: 55 second clip

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The tobacco of the Silencio Los Rios

I have tested three Robusto. The box of 20 costs CHF 276.00 (CHF 13.80 per cigar). Silencio Los Rios.

I have tested three Robusto. The box of 20 costs CHF 276.00 (CHF 13.80 per cigar).

The wrapper leaf comes from Ecuador and is a Connecticut leaf. You may know the difference between the rather bitter Connecticut wrapper leaves from the USA and those from Ecuador. This one has a wonderful woody note without too much bitterness. I love Ecuador wrapper leaves.

The taste

It glows long and evenly.

It glows long and evenly.

Retronasal, the cigar shows its powerful side with a strong peppery aroma. There are also sensational roasted aromas reminiscent of burnt wood. When smoked, the cigar develops a spicy, slightly nutty note, which is complemented by pleasant grassy undertones. A slight acidity combines harmoniously with the wood notes and a hint of cocoa. The balance is very well achieved.

The binder comes from Mexico. The filler of the Silencio Los Rio is a blend of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Brazil. The Brazilian tobacco is known for its distinctive taste, which is difficult to describe - a mixture of earth and an almost sweet spiciness. In this cigar, it can be tasted subtly in the background, perhaps because I know it's in there. Maybe you can taste it too, if you pay close attention.


The Silencio Los Rios remains almost constant in the course of the smoke. From the second half, a pleasant pepper note comes into play.

On all three of the cigars I tested, the cap detached from the cigar head immediately after cutting. It is not fitted very carefully.

This cigar is a recommendation for anyone looking for an exciting smoking experience. The blend of tobaccos from Brazil, among others, brings a very nice variety to the game.

Try them out and let me know if you can also taste the Brazilian tobacco or which flavors are in the foreground for you. I wish you a HAPPY SMOKE and see you in the next review!

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