Samya won 20 er box La Aurora 107 Nicaragua Churchill

Samya won a box of 20 La Aurora 107 Nicaragua Churchill. What a competition! On January 31, 2020, Zigarren.Zone Social Network raffled off this fantastic cigar on behalf of Oettinger Davidoff Basel. Members of Zigarren.Zone could take part in the competition. It's worth being a member. Please register, membership is free of charge > What Cigars.Zone Social Network for you, please read here >

Samya won a box of 20 Joya de Nicaragua 107 Churchill

Samya won a box of 20 La Aurora 107 Nicaragua Churchill: What does she say?

"Mega, I'm really looking forward to the cigar. Thank you very much! Best regards, Samya ?"

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We wish Samya lots of enjoyment with the La Aurora Nicaragua 107 Churchill.

Samya won a box of 20 Joya de Nicaragua 107 Churchill
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About this cigar and fact sheet

"La Aurora 107 Nicaragua comes to life with a diverse spectrum of spicy notes. A rich balance of earth, wood and floral notes unfolds deeper into the smoke with a characteristic pinch of licorice and walnut on the finish." This is the press release from La Aurora. 

Test Notes from Cigars.Zone Social Network

When testing the La Aurora 107 Nicaragua Churchill I started to sweat a little. The strength is 4/5. PENG! You should have eaten well beforehand. I tested the first one (as always) on an empty stomach at 08 o'clock in the morning. The nicotine kicked in right at the start of the second half. I did several laps of the lounge. I didn't have any Coke, so I ate two chocolate bars to get a lot of sugar into my bloodstream quickly. Fortunately, I didn't feel sick. It's called a nicotine flash. Of course, this is not a fault of the cigar.

The draw resistance can be described as normal. I chose a different cutting technique for all three specimens. Drilling (optimum draw resistance), normal cut (normal draw resistance) and V-cut (draw resistance too light). This is not a fault of the cigar either.

La Aurora 107 Nicaragua Churchill
All three specimens were rolled soft in the first half and hard from about the second half. However, this had no influence on the draw resistance.

The cigar has a very nice balance. It needs to acclimatize for approx. 2-4 weeks after purchase. Recommendation: If you like well-balanced cigars with a lot of flavor and strength, you will get your money's worth here. For those who prefer smooth cigars: please smoke very, very slowly. But also try cigars that have a lot of flavor and a higher strength.