Portrait in Cigar Journal about Cigars.Zone

In the latest issue of Cigar Journal Magazine, we delve into the world of a true cigar aficionado: Namely, mine. In other words, that of Zigarren.Zone 😅.

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The portrait in Cigar Journal

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Cigar Journal Portrait Cigars.Zone September 2023

Cigar Journal is an international trade magazine for cigars and cigar culture. The magazine is aimed at cigar aficionados, cigar smokers, cigar collectors and anyone interested in high-quality cigars and everything related to them. It is also available in German, English, Spanish and Chinese.

Cigar Journal offers its readers a wide range of content, including reviews of cigars, profiles of cigar manufacturers, information on tobacco growing and processing, cigar travel, interviews with industry experts and much more. Likewise, the magazine provides information on current trends and developments in the cigar industry, helping its readers to deepen their knowledge of cigars and enhance their enjoyment experience.

Cigars.Zone portrait in Cigar Journal. You can read the article online or download the PDF.

Cigars.Zone portrait in Cigar Journal. You can read the article online or download the PDF.

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