Pairing truffles and cigarWas für ein fantastischer Genuss.

Pairing cigar + truffles is a top-class pleasure. The Swiss design manufactory nanimanu produces useful items made of wood. Among other things, humidors (see interview). New to the range are fine truffles made from the best raw materials. We are talking about genuine high-end truffles, composed and handmade by the Swiss Chocolatier World Champion Fabian Rimann. I tested the truffles with a cigar.'s INSIDER mailing list
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NaniManu Humidors
2020: Stimulating conversation about humidors, the design and the planned fine truffles. Left in the picture Vasilij Ratej, publisher of Zigarren.Zone Social Network. Center: Nani and her father, Andy, on the right.

Where to buy the fine truffles

Pairing truffles and cigar
What is hidden in the "exclamation mark tubo?"

These fine truffles are available in the online store of SoChoc to buy. The highlight: they are packed in aluminum tubes. As soon as the truffles have been tasted, a cigar up to Robusto format finds its place inside. After a few days, the cigar even tastes slightly bitter in the first puffs. Fantastic. The pairing with the cigar works perfectly.

Pairing truffles and cigar
Aha! A cigar in a truffles tubo!

Limited editions

  • Limited Edition No. 1: Whisky Truffles "Glenhallachie" and Vanuatu. 500 tubos. 6 handmade truffles, CHF 29 per tubo.
  • Limited Edition No 2: Rum Truffes "Plantation Trinidad 2003" and "Trinidad". 500 tubos. 6 handmade truffles, CHF 29 per tubo.

Shipping currently takes place in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Pairing with a cigar

I open the tubo with the signed exclamation mark. A small Hoyo de Monterrey emerges. It feels damper than it should be. This is because the cigar has been stored in the tubo for about 4 days. The moisture from the fine truffles has transferred to the paper inside. Leave the paper in, as it releases the flavor of the truffles into the cigar.

Pairing truffles and cigar
The first puffs are slightly sweet, bittersweet and have a slight taste of rum. After a few minutes, this has already faded.

First I taste the cigar. Indeed: in the first few puffs it tastes very slightly bitter-sweet like truffles. This taste quickly fades.

The pairing with the truffles is top class. I taste the rum truffles first (I'll enjoy the whisky truffles another day). I have to say: the result is a product that is the very best. The truffles taste subtly of rum. They are NOT very sweet (which I appreciate very much) and they are creamy, slightly nutty, muddy... a masterpiece.

When I first heard about this project in a conversation with nanimanu in 2020 (see interview), I said: "But they have to be high-end truffles and not those other disgusting things that only taste like disgusting sugar." Oh yes, not only are high-end truffles planned, but even top-class high-end truffles. And that's exactly what they taste like.

Pairing truffles and cigar
The fine truffles are the very best and clearly belong in the premier league.

Competitions March to June 21: Win humidors with cigars every month

The truffles cannot be won. You can, however, get from the Every month from March to June 21 you can win a nanimanu humidor worth CHF 790, each filled with 25 cigars. Total value: At least CHF 1,040 per prize. The cigars are sponsored by Zigarren.Zone Social Network. The first winner has already been chosen. But hello!!?

Humidor Competition March 2021
The March humidor is filled with these cigars. 5 per brand. The winner is Beat Baumgartner.

By Vasilij Ratej

I am the editor of Zigarren.Zone online magazine and FlashCigar (online magazine). In addition to text articles, I also produce video clips and video documentaries. My aim is to offer my readers and viewers a unique experience and bring them closer to the world of cigars and stories about people. I attach great importance to authenticity and honesty in my contributions.

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  1. Thanks Vasilij, the whiskies are then a little more intense. And you can also use it to try to liven up a stick that's a bit too dry. ?

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