Cigarillo Design Edition Romeo y Julieta

New Romeo y Julieta cigarillo design edition

As an international premium brand, Romeo y Julieta has stood for the finest tobacco enjoyment and the very highest quality for decades. The brand is highly regarded by aficionadas and aficionados worldwide and especially in this country, and is one of the best-selling Habanos brands - both for premium cigars and premium cigarillos.

Cigarillo Design Edition Romeo y Julieta
Club: 96.5 x 8.8mm

"The Romeo y Julieta Mini and Club are now available as a limited design edition 2020 - while stocks last, of course. Of course, the classic Romeo y Julieta taste will not change. Nor will the price," says Norbert Schelkle, at 5THAvenue is responsible for the marketing of Cuban Mini Cigars. The limited editions of the Cuban fine cigarillos are traditionally presented in metal cases. The respective brand design is always reinterpreted. "The cases with their eye-catching, unusual design appeal to new customers and collectors alike. This year, the legendary balcony scene in Verona plays the main visual role in Romeo y Julieta's packaging design," explains Schelkle.

Like all Cuban Mini Cigars, this special edition is produced exclusively at Internacional Cubana de Tabacos, ICT in Havana. The aromatic and medium-bodied blend of Romeo y Julieta with the unique tobaccos from the world-famous Vuelta Abajo tobacco-growing zone makes it an indispensable classic in the premium cigarillo segment alongside Cohiba and Montecristo.'s INSIDER mailing list
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Cigarillo Design Edition Romeo y Julieta
Mini: 82 x 7.6mm

These special editions have been delivered exclusively to German specialist retailers since the beginning of July. "Romeo y Julieta is one of the top sellers in our Habanos range, and there are only 200 packs available for Germany. Even taking into account the current sharp rise in demand for Cuban fine cigarillos, we have to assume that this edition will also sell out quickly," concludes Schelkle.

With a retail price of €11.90 for 20 Romeo y Julieta mini cigarillos and €15.70 for the larger Club format, these special editions cost no more than the corresponding packs in the regular range. Formats (dimensions): Mini (82 x 7.6mm) and Club (96.5 x 8.8mm) / Filler, binder, wrapper: Cuba Production method: mecanizado (machine-made short filler) / Manufacturer: Internacional Cubana de Tabacos, ICT, Cuba

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