La Casa del Habano Nyon, Switzerland

New Casa del Habano in Nyon Switzerland

New Casa del Habano in Nyon Switzerland. Currently there are more than 140 La Casa del Habano in 5 continents. Together they form a worldwide network of specialty stores.

Switzerland has had 3 Casas so far: Basel, Zurich and Lugano. Now there will be a new one on the shores of Lake Geneva in charming Nyon. It is the only La Casa del Habano in Suisse Romandie, the French-speaking part of the country.

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The premises under this quality label are dedicated exclusively to the happiness of aficionados with the high quality Cuban cigars. There are currently more than 140 casas on five continents around the world. The store on the shores of Lake Geneva in the charming town of Nyon is now the only one of its kind in French-speaking Switzerland.

La Casa del Habano Nyon, Switzerland
La Casa del Habano Nyon, Switzerland

What distinguishes a La Casa del Habano from other specialty stores is the exclusivity of the range of Cuban products that are stored there under perfect conditions. Also, the Casas primarily receive the complete Habanos product range directly from the official importer; Intertabak AG.

In addition to the exclusive series with "Casa Del Habano" banderoles, various limited series, regional editions and vintage cigars, the specialty store now offers a range of products unique in Switzerland, specially designed for avid collectors of rare treasures. 

The team consists exclusively of experts who have over 40 years of experience in this unusual field. They enjoy being able to pass on their know-how and passion to a hedonistic clientele every day. Here the Cuban heritage is appreciated with its legendary cigars. The enthusiasm and the desire to share are combined in a vocation to which the team is fully committed.

La Casa del Habano Nyon, Switzerland
The walk-in humidor.

The philosophy combines with the essence of the values conveyed by the Habanos brand to create an exceptional atmosphere in a refined place entirely dedicated to Havannas.
The new La Casa del Habano offers not only a large sales area, but also a cigar lounge where members can enjoy the cigar of their choice. In addition to the selection of premium cigars, a wide range of spirits is offered, carefully selected by specialists. All connoisseurs, aficionados, beginners and even the curious will get their money's worth here.

La Casa Del Habano Nyon
Rue de Rive 34
1260 Nyon - Vaud - Suisse 

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La Casa del Habano Nyon, Switzerland
Lounge area.

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  1. The store is an official La Casa del Habano and therefore I can not understand the prices. E.g. Ramon Allones - Allones No. 2 (EL 2019) for CHF 350.- or Monte Supremos (EL 2019) CHF 1300.- These prices do not correspond to the prices valid in Switzerland, communicated by Intertabak AG. At least a Casa should sell the products at the official prices, instead of pulling even more money out of our customers' pockets. Such business practices should prohibit Intertabak for a Casa!!! 

    1. In Switzerland there is no price fixing on cigars. Therefore, each store can design its prices as it wishes. The licensor has no influence here. When launched in Switzerland in 2021, the Ramon Allones EL 2019 cost CHF 220, the box of 10. As soon as demand increases, so do the prices. This series is more or less out of stock and you almost can't get it anymore. Whether the price of CHF 350 for the box of 10 is justified, each buyer must decide for himself. Depending on the brand and format, LE are extremely quickly out of stock. After that, prices rise rapidly. That is normal.

  2. I do not understand why in such a casa the cigars are presented in open boxes. The flight of flavors can be clearly tasted in my experience. 

    1. I'm with you. Cigars open to store is nonsense. I think only in the specialty store know it themselves. After all, it is a Casa del Habano and offer locker service and optimal storage. Open display of cigars has but simply practical reasons. Where would they go if they had to open and close each box for a withdrawal. With a highly frequented cigar business cigars lie rather not for years openly around. The box is empty before.