La Aroma del Caribe Pasion Churchill

I have tested the La Aroma del Caribe Pasion Churchill. I have tested three copies, as the first copy was a total failure (see conclusion). However, the other two copies have given me much pleasure and enjoyment. The tobaccos come from Nicaragua. The cigar is available in Switzerland from 07.03.2023. The importer is The Royal Cigar Company AG. Here is my test report. Tip: You can win a 25 box of this cigar, provided you have an address in Switzerland.'s INSIDER mailing list
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About the cigar

La Aroma del Caribe Pasión is made by Jose 'Pepin' Garcia and Jaime Garcia from the finest premium tobaccos. The premium tobaccos used come from the family's prized estates located in the best growing areas of Nicaragua: Esteli, Jalapa and Namanji.

The Pasión is wrapped in a glossy Shade Grown wrapper from the fields of Namanji. The tobacco plants thrive there in a unique microclimate, 18 miles east of Esteli, where the Garcias recognized the region's untapped potential more than a decade ago. Warm days, cool nights and fertile black soil produce tobaccos of exceptional flavor, quality and aroma. Today, Shade Grown Wrapper is grown on more than one-third of the 300-acre private property.

All wrapper, binder and filler tobaccos harvested for Pasión undergo a careful triple fermentation using traditional methods.

Tasting notes of the La Aroma del Caribe Pasion Churchill

The Analysis I performed with the Cigars.Zone Testing Tool by. Explanations to the ZiZo R+ smoke technology you can find here.

External impression before lighting

Format: Churchill (ring 49 / length 178 mm)

Price: Status March 23 / CHF 14.00 / case of 25 CHF 350.00 / EUR 11.00 / case of 25 EUR 275.00

Recommended acclimatization in humidor in cellophane: 5 days

The Cover page looks very beautiful. All three copies were a little soft rolled.

La Aroma del Caribe Pasion Churchill
La Aroma del Caribe Pasion Churchill

General impression after lighting in the first 5 minutes

The lighting and the draw resistance: Both are optimal.

The burn, the strength and the taste: Almost perfect burn, strength 3/5, somewhat intense but pleasant taste.

La Aroma del Caribe Pasion Churchill

Impression during the smoke of La Aroma del Caribe Pasion Churchill

Aftertaste and aroma (scent of smoke = room note)

First half: lasting positive

Second half: lasting positive

Taste on the tongue

First half: slightly sweet, slightly peppery and slightly spicy, cocoa (bittersweet), coffee beans, wood, slightly acidic.

Second half: Almost the same as the first half. A little more cocoa and wood and the pleasant sweetness is very present.


First half: peppery

Second half: a little more pepper

ZiZo R+ Technology

First half: strongly peppery

Second half: strongly peppery, some wood, some roasted coffee bean aromas.

La Aroma del Caribe Pasion Churchill

Course of enjoyment and conclusion of La Aroma del Caribe Pasion Churchill

Course of enjoyment: La Aroma del Caribe Pasion Churchill remains linear in the first half, but is rich in flavor. In the second half, it gains some depth and the individual flavor nuances become more prominent. Over the entire smoke, the development is slightly increasing.

The second half adds a pleasant sweetness. It is on the tongue and lips. A little more wood and cocoa are added. I liked this development very much.

La Aroma del Caribe Pasion Churchill

Conclusion: My first one had a wedge burn at first and then a crater burn so bad that the cigar smoked heavily and became very biting. I did not finish smoking it. The next two specimens did not have this problem. The cigars burned almost perfectly evenly; these two smokes were a lot of fun and enjoyable for me.

I like the anilla (that's the cigar ring). It is very richly decorated with lots of nice details. Both anillas are neatly printed and embossed.

The ash is about a centimeter long and falls off undiminished. As I said, the burn is almost perfect - and that gave me a lot of pleasure. The La Aroma del Caribe Pasion Churchill is uncomplicated to puff.

Towards the end, there was a crooked burn on the last two specimens. I had to correct this with the flame.

All in all, I like the La Aroma del Caribe Pasion Churchill. Especially because in the second half the sweetness is present with wood and cocoa.

La Aroma del Caribe Pasion Churchill

A cigar test is subjective. The taste of a cigar is influenced by personal taste preferences, taste memories, the mood of the day, what you have eaten or drunk beforehand. Even the lighting in the room influences the taste experience. The flavor nuances described here therefore do not necessarily correspond to your own impressions.

Resources on the topic

Importer Switzerland: The Royal Cigar Company AG

Tip: You can win a 25 box of this cigar, provided you have an address in Switzerland.

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