Indonesian investor buys Cigars.Zone and hires more bloggers

I have exciting news for all cigar lovers: My Swiss online magazine Zigarren.Zone has been sold to an Indonesian investor for CHF 1.5 million (or maybe only CHF 50,000, nobody knows for sure). The investor plans to market the magazine worldwide and offer it in six languages: German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French and Swiss German. Yes, that's seven languages, right? In addition, freelance bloggers and full-time journalists will be hired to write about the entire cigar industry worldwide. The maximum age of these cigar scroungers will be 18. They may not have a clue, but they are cheap as far as wages are concerned. It doesn't really matter what garbage they spout; the internet is full of half-truths and claims about cigars, so it won't attract much attention.'s INSIDER mailing list
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The new owner has big plans for Zigarren.Zone: "I am convinced that there is a growing market for informative content in the cigar industry. With Zigarren.Zone's global focus and multilingualism, especially in Swiss German, it will be accessible to readers from all over the world - we will also establish a cigar lounge for giga-mega-super-rich people at the ISS. Vasilij has done an excellent job and will face new challenges from 01.01.2024 and devote himself to his new project to the future," says Agus Soegianto Spekulatus, the new owner of Zigarren.Zone.

But now for the April Fool's joke: APRIL-APRIL! ? Of course you noticed, didn't you? was NOT and is still owned by my company, Crazycat Media GmbH, based in Liestal, Switzerland. I hope you were able to smile at my megalomaniacal little joke and I look forward to continuing to provide you with interesting and informative articles about the world of cigars. My project and my focus is of course on Zigarren.Zone. And because I'm a bit of a masochist, I'll say: I'm kind of looking forward to the new challenges that await us with the new ban on tobacco advertising in Switzerland (from 2024 or 2025, nobody knows for sure at the moment).

? HAPPY SMOKE ? ~ Vasilij Ratej ?

PS: And yes, it's true, I really was born on 01.04.1965. THAT is not a joke.

By Vasilij Ratej

I am the editor of Zigarren.Zone online magazine and FlashCigar (online magazine). In addition to text articles, I also produce video clips and video documentaries. My aim is to offer my readers and viewers a unique experience and bring them closer to the world of cigars and stories about people. I attach great importance to authenticity and honesty in my contributions.

9 thoughts on “Indonesischer Investor kauft Zigarren.Zone und stellt mehr Blogger ein”
  1. The Vasilij ?

    I wish you all the best! Stay the way you are!

    Smoke something nice, let yourself celebrate.

  2. Oh horror oh horror ? and then, oh yes, it's April 1st ?? .
    I wish you only the very best for your birthday, celebrate and enjoy a fine cigar. Lg Danilo

  3. Good morning Vasilij,
    Happy birthday to you. Not a bad "April Fool's joke". It wakes you up. But it's good that it's not like that and that you're still in control.
    A happy birthday with good cigars and other delights.
    Many greetings

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