Por Larranaga Galanes

Galanes is the name of the new Por Larrañaga line from Cuba. Galanes is a Robusto format. This format is new at Por Larrañaga. In 2007 there was also a Robusto as Regional Edition Asia Pacifico; those had the dimensions 124 mm (length) and a 50 ring gauge. The Galanes is 120 mm long and has a ring gauge of 52. Here is the test of the Galanes >

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The official importer for Switzerland, the Intertabak AG, announced: Available in Casa del Habano from 07 April 2021 and Habanos Specialists from 14.04.21 the new cigar.

Por Larranaga Galanes
Por Larranaga Galanes box of 10.

Founded in 1834, the Por Larrañaga brand can look back on a long history and enjoys a well-deserved reputation. The brand is characterized by a light to medium taste and an aromatic blend. Even though some cigars are no longer produced, there are still 3 cigars in the brand's current portfolio: the Petit Coronas, the Picadores and the Montecarlos.

Por Larranaga Galanes
Por Larranaga Galanes are long-filler cigars from Cuba.


All Por Larrañaga are produced " Totalmente a Mano con Tripa Larga ", completely handmade with longfiller (long leaves). The tobacco comes from the Vuelta Abajo * (D.O.P) zone, in Pinar del Río * (D.O.P) Cuba. The Por Larrañaga Galanes will be available in boxes of 10 at a retail price of CHF 105.00 per box.

Por Larranaga Galanes
Por Larranaga Galanes is the Robusto format.

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