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FAQ Cigars from Zigarren.Zone Social Network: What is Cigars.Zone Social Network and what are the benefits of membership for you? One for a detailed presentation of our community please read here >

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The Facebook regulations are clear. It's not Facebook's fault, because they have to abide by the law.

Impressions from Zigarren.Zone Social Network: This is where the posts and videos and the FAQ cigars are created

FAQ Cigars.Zone Social Network: What it offers you
View into the office of Zigarren.Zone Social Network
Cigars.Zone Social Network: What it offers you
All cigars are at the service of readers of Cigars.Zone. Test reports and background information.
How to rate cigars professionally with Sam Reuter
From left to right: Vasilij Ratej (ZigarrenZone) and Sam Reuter (Oettinger Davidoff) in the ZigarrenZone Lounge.

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By Vasilij Ratej

I am the editor of Zigarren.Zone online magazine and FlashCigar (online magazine). In addition to text articles, I also produce video clips and video documentaries. My aim is to offer my readers and viewers a unique experience and bring them closer to the world of cigars and stories about people. I attach great importance to authenticity and honesty in my contributions.

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