Flor De Cano Elegidos

Elegidos is new from Cuba by Flor de Cano

Elegidos is the name of the new format from Flor de Cano, Cuba. It is a Robusto and the factory format is called Lirios. Already in 1987 there was a Robusto with almost the same dimensions. At that time it was called "Short Churchill" and was 124 mm long and had a 50 ring gauge. It was discontinued in 1992. A little later, in 2018 (appeared late 2019), there was the Regional Edition Países Bajos (Netherlands); this was also 124 mm long and had a 50 ring.

The new Elegidos has a length of 127 mm and also has a 50 ring. Here is the test report >

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The official importer for Switzerland, the Intertabak AG, announced: Available in Casa del Habano from 07 April 2021 and Habanos Specialists from 14.04.21 the new cigar.

Flor De Cano Elegidos
Flor De Cano Elegidos in the box of 10.

Flor de Cano cigars offer a good balance between taste and aroma. According to official records, the brand was registered in 1884 by brothers Tomás and José Cano. Not much is known about the history of this brand. It is believed that it was a rather small family business, but it had a very good reputation, especially in England and Spain. The formats produced to date are totalmente a mano, tripa corta -. Shortfiller, the Completely by hand made from tobacco leaves from the tobacco growing regions of Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta.

Flor De Cano Elegidos
Flor De Cano Elegidos are SHORTFILLER rolled by hand.


The Flor de Cano Elegidos are available in boxes of 10 cigars at a price of CHF 45.00.

Flor De Cano Elegidos
Flor De Cano Elegidos Shortfiller: Shortfiller cigars from Cuba are fantastic cigars and mature very well.

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  1. Since I'm excited about it! The Flor de Cano Cheese Edition from 2018 has been, as far as I know, no short filler, has good steam and is very tasty! But that was at 95 € the 10er box. 4.50 CHF for ne Cuba Robusto, even if short filler, in any case a very good PLV ... so they will also taste good.

    1. I have so far had very good experiences with short fillers from Cuba. These cigars also need their maturation time. I will write a test about the cigar shortly. The BD is already older than 4 months. Am curious how it will taste to me.