Davidoff Year Of The Tiger Masterpiece Humidor

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger Masterpiece HumidorDavidoff Year Of The Tiger Masterpiece Humidor

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger Masterpiece Humidor contains exclusive Toro cigarsto celebrate the Chinese New Year. To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Davidoff draws inspiration from the Chinese zodiac and presents an exclusive collection of unique and contemporary masterpieces celebrating aficionados and aficionadas born in the Year of the Tiger. The majestic "Year of the Tiger" masterpiece humidor was designed by Chinese artist Qi Xie and hand-decorated with intricate inlays by Rose Saneuil in France - an outstanding collaboration between two unique artists.

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The "Davidoff Year of the Tiger" Masterpiece Humidor - limited to twenty-four pieces worldwide

Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with Davidoff's exclusive and contemporary masterpiece and treat yourself to an outstanding cigar experience. Through remarkable and meticulous inlay work, Rose Saneuil has brought Qi Xie's two magnificent tigers to life. The green tiger roars, revealing strength and ambition in its eyes, while the red tiger stalks through the jungle, keenly observant, ready to strike. Qi Xie applied his unique creative techniques by depicting the two tigers with salient colors and intersecting and intertwining shapes. The postures of the two tigers offer room for imagination.

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger Masterpiece Humidor
A masterpiece, this Davidoff Year Of The Tiger Masterpiece Humidor.

Qi Xie is a Chinese artist who graduated from the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts. He was a finalist of iArt Youth Project 2018, an international art project launched by Yuan Art Museum, one of the famous museums in Chongqing, China. Qi Xie became known for his unique and creative application of conceptual images in contemporary pop art culture.

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger Masterpiece Humidor
The Davidoff Year Of The Tiger Masterpiece Humidor exclusively contains Toro cigars from the Year Of The Tiger collection. The box of 10 contains the Piramides format.

Reading his works cannot be a one-sided observation, nor can the meaning of the images be judged from a fixed perspective. "The artwork "Year of the Tiger" is a multidirectional, multidimensional, superimposed and imaginary visual representation," explains Qi Xie.

The realization of Qi Xie's artwork was carried out by Rose Saneuil, a French artist who has created a unique art of intarsia work in which she carefully blends curated materials. Her unique technique allows her to blend materials of different textures, depths and smoothness. She is the only artist who has mastered this secret technique. Her dedication, passion and talent are recognized by world-renowned brands through numerous collaborations. Rose Saneuil's expertise and her profound knowledge of materials and creativity are reflected in this outstanding masterpiece of marquetry art.

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger Masterpiece Humidor
Are you asking about the price? This has not yet been communicated. The Masterpiece Humidor Year Of The Ox (2021) contained 88 cigars and cost CHF 40,000.

"This outstanding masterpiece consists of almost a thousand parts and is the most complex and intricate work of art I have ever created," affirms Rose Saneuil.

Content and construction

The humidor contains 88 cigars, which rest majestically on the cigar tray engraved with the tiger symbol. In Chinese culture, the number 88 symbolizes luck and wealth; the number eight sounds similar to the word for wealth in Mandarin or Cantonese and is considered the luckiest number. The shape of the Chinese character for eight implies that a person will have a great, broad future, as the character starts narrow and widens towards the bottom - an ideal gift for Chinese New Year.

The unique "Year of the Tiger" masterpiece humidor was created for Davidoff by the luxury craftsman Moevus in Virieu le Grand (France). The company has rare and unique expertise in the mastery of woodworking, inlay and lacquering and is one of the prestigious labels of "Entreprises du patrimoine vivant" and "Atelier d'art de France".

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger Masterpiece Humidor
Did you notice the design of the cover page? A novelty. Wow!
  • Capacity: 88 Toro cigars
  • Features: 3 Davidoff regulators and 1 removable basket
  • Interior wood: Mahogany
  • Outer wood: Atlantic jarrah
  • Dimensions: 563 x 378 x 132mm

"Year of the Tiger" cigars

Each humidor is accompanied by 88 unique Davidoff "Year of the Tiger" Toro cigars, created exclusively for this masterpiece by Davidoff's Master Blender. The majestic "Year of the Tiger" Toro cigar has an energetic start, with the aromas of pepper and cedar wood present. A rich creaminess develops and notes of cocoa leather and roasted nuts are added. The flavor journey, which culminates in a surprising addition of honey, is truly worthy of a tiger. This special edition has a beautiful Connecticut wrapper that has been naturally treated to visually represent the tiger's fur pattern on the finished cigar.

Introduction and availability

The Masterpiece "Year of the Tiger" humidors will be available from November 2021 in Davidoff flagship stores and from selected authorized dealers.

* The launch date may vary depending on the country.

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger 2022
The Piramides format is available to buy in a box of 10. The Toro formats are exclusive to the Masterpiece humidor.

About the Oettinger Davidoff

The Oettinger Davidoff Group, with sales of around 423 million Swiss francs and 3100 employees around the world, can trace its roots back to 1875 and remains an independent family business to this day. It is dedicated to the production, marketing, distribution and retail sales of premium cigars, tobacco products and accessories.

The premium cigar business includes the Davidoff, AVO, Camacho, Cusano, Griffin's, Private Stock, Zino and Zino Platinum brands. The Oettinger Davidoff Group also distributes numerous brands in several countries as a general agent, including Haribo in Switzerland.

The company is strongly rooted in the "crop-to-shop" philosophy, taking a vertical integration approach from its tobacco fields in the Dominican Republic and Honduras to its global network of some 70 Davidoff flagship stores/satellites and strong authorized distributors in over 100 countries.

About the history of Davidoff humidors

Davidoff Year Of The Tiger Masterpiece Humidor
Simply wonderful.

Just like fine wine, premium cigars need to be stored in the right environment so that they can mature and refine. It was Zino Davidoff who first invested time in researching and developing optimal ways to store the finest quality cigars. The time the cigars spend in the humidor during the maturing process requires absolute control of humidity and temperature.

With such factors in mind, he built his first, famous cigar cellar in 1936. However, as not all connoisseurs have a cigar cellar at their disposal, he developed the first humidor so that cigar lovers could store their precious possessions on a smaller scale.

Innovation in the craftsmanship and science of humidors go hand in hand with Davidoff's range of versatile humidor designs. The revolutionary Davidoff Regulator, with the first proprietary self-regulating system, eliminates the need for a controlling hygrometer to maintain a beautiful cigar that is always ready to enjoy.

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