Davidoff Small Bacht Exclusive No. 2

Davidoff Small Batch Exclusive No. 2 will be launched in Switzerland on 09.12.21. There will be 50 bundles of 10 cigars for Switzerland. They will be sold exclusively in Davidoff flagship stores and at Davidoff of Geneva since 1911 with Urs Portmann. Worldwide, 570 bundles were produced with tobacco from 2018. The bundle costs CHF 350.00. I recommend reserving the bundle at your Davidoff flagship store; it is indeed a fantastic Davidoff. Light and wonderfully aromatic. The test report at Zigarren.Zone.

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The imagination and experience of a master blender

A Davidoff Master Blender's inspiration is based on their experience and imagination. So when an exceptional flavor crosses their palate, they know they've found something special just to store the memory - until they find the perfect combination to create an outstanding blend.

Davidoff Small Bacht Exclusive No. 2
Davidoff's exclusive small batch series are extremely popular.

Davidoff Small Batch Exclusive No. 2: From the year 2018

Davidoff Exclusive No. 2 was originally created by our master blenders in 2018 for a small, privileged circle of cigar lovers. Now a limited quantity of cigars is being released to delight even more aficionados with this incomparable blend.

The popular Robusto format was chosen to offer a rich, enjoyable taste experience. An exclusively selected Connecticut wrapper from Ecuador delights visually with its elegant structure. This Robusto begins with leathery, creamy and woody aromas and reveals its complexity paired with elegance. The lower strength allows every cigar lover to filter out the beautiful aromas of this limited edition cigar.

Davidoff Small Bacht Exclusive No. 2
I have already had the pleasure of testing the Davidoff Small Bacht Exclusive No. 2 (tasting report to follow). It is light (strength 2/5) and is rich in flavor and very nicely balanced. The tobacco is from 2018.

For discerning aficionados

The Exclusive No. 2 is an original vintage cigar that was produced four years ago and stored under perfect conditions. This uniqueness is confirmed by the vintage sticker on the packaging.
A unique blend for discerning aficionados that offers a rich and pleasant taste experience with six types of tobacco

Davidoff Small Bacht Exclusive No. 2
The Teck leaf comes from Ecuador. I love these wrapper leaves from Ecuador. It is very different in taste to the Connecticut wrapper leaves from other countries (which I don't like so much).

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