Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021

Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021 test report

Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021 is now available and here is my review. The box of 10 consists of a high-quality ashtray and a cigar board. These cigars are not available in Germany and Austria due to the Zugabeverordnung (ban on such packaging). There are 9,700 boxes worldwide. In Switzerland, 750 boxes are available.

A cigar test is subjective

Note: How the cigar tastes is influenced by personal taste preferences, taste memories, the shape of the day, what you have eaten or drunk before. Even the lighting mood in the room has an influence on the experienced taste. The notes described here therefore do not have to match your own impressions.

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60-sec clip 🙂

Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021
Photo above: Great idea! Ceramic ashtray and presentation board as packaging. Top!
Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021
An elegant cigar in Churchill format.

Fact Sheet Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021

  • Format: Churchill (length: 178 mm / ring size: 48)
  • Tobacco:
    • Wrapper leaf: Hybrid 238 from Ecuador
    • Umbrella leaf: Negro San Andreas Seco from Mexico
    • Inlay: Piloto Seco, San Vicente Ligero, Piloto Visus and Hybrid 192 Seco from the Dominican Republic
  • Price: Status September 2021
    • CHF 36.00 / box of 10 CHF 360.00 > Box of 10 consists of a high-quality ashtray and a cigar board. These cigars are not available in Germany and Austria due to the Zugabeverordnung (prohibition of such packaging).
  • Buy cigar: Google Search >
Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021
An elegant smoke.

Personal impressions of pleasure

Recommended acclimatization: 10 days with cellophane in the humidor. It is also suitable for tasting after purchase. However, the acclimatization is good for it (this is not a fault of the cigar).

First half

  • Tongue, palate: slightly sweet / nutty / slightly peppery / spicy / cocoa (bittersweet) / slightly tart
  • Retronasalslightly pleasant grassy / coffee beans
  • R+ ZiZo vacuum technology: Coffee beans / wood / slightly acidic
  • Umami: roasted / spicy
  • Strength 3/5
Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021
The new Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021 is very rich in aromas.

Second half

  • Increases in all nuances, especially it becomes a little earthy, more nutty and more cocoa.
  • Strength 3/5, depending on personal daily form 4/5


I think that Oettinger Davidoff's marketing department has requested a super interesting tobacco blend from the master blenders. The master blenders have implemented the specifications excellently. I tested two samples and both gave practically the same results.

Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021
A wonderful smoke. Even the crew at Inspiration4as you can see 😉

The burning behavior of both specimens was somewhat problematic from about the second half onwards. It burns out quickly. As a result, I pulled on it more often and also harder. But don't do that - because both specimens then became too bitter for me. It's better to light it again carefully so that it doesn't overheat.

After degassing, however, the problem was solved. I also noticed that in some places the cigar seemed to be rolled softly and in other places more firmly. This has to do with the acclimatization in our climate zone.

This is not a fault of the cigar. It simply needs a short acclimatization period (in cellophane) of around 10 days so that the tobacco gets used to our climatic conditions.

The smoke is elegant, if only because of the Churchill format. It simply looks beautiful. The Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021 is rich in aromas. It develops more intense flavors as the smoke progresses. Wonderful!

I have ordered a box and am very excited about the packaging. It consists of a high-quality ceramic ashtray and a cigar board.

However, our friends from Germany and Austria have to buy this cigar in neighboring countries. In Germany and Austria, these cigars are not available due to the Zugabeverordnung (prohibition of such packaging). Who drafts and then approves such stupid laws is a mystery to me. I can think of a few names for such representatives of our species, but I don't necessarily want to end up in court for libel. - Oh well! I don't care. These are -*CRAFT EXPRESSED*- and also-*POWER EXPRESSED*- and above all, these are people who-*POWER EXPRESSION DRIVEN*-, this-*PUNCTUATION DELETED*-.

Recommendation to buy? Oh yes - and how!

Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021
Pleasure to the end.

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  1. Dear Vasily,
    I will receive the box of Davidoff Chefs Edition 2021 in a few days. It will certainly be at least 6 months, maybe a year before I smoke the first one. Would you recommend putting the whole box in the cabinet humidor or should I take them out of the box and put them individually on the tray? The same question applies to the Vault series, which unfortunately is packed in a paper instead of a box (e.g. Madison 515). Should I put them in the cabinet humidor without unwrapping them, or should I remove the paper but leave the cigars in cellophane and put them individually on the tray?
    Thank you for your reply.

    1. Hi Jadranko, I put the Vault series (in the paper wrapper) completely in the humidor. For the Chefs Edition, I only put the cigars in cellophane in the humidor. Because the packaging is an ashtray and a cigar board. And of course I wanted to use these two things 🙂 But you don't need to wait that long to smoke the Chefs Edition. Let it acclimatize for a few days after purchase (in the humidor, with cellophane) and then you can start enjoying it. Thank you for your questions and have fun with Zigarren.Zone, HAVE A GOOD SMOKE, Vasilij 🙂

  2. Very nice test report. Thank you.
    But you can buy the set online in Switzerland or wherever if you live in Germany? Or is that not possible either? Does anyone know?

    VG Daniel

    1. Hello Daniel, thank you very much! Shipping tobacco products from Switzerland to other countries is prohibited. Unfortunately, I don't know whether other EU countries ship from their stores to EU countries. Give it a try and let me know, I'm interested. LG, Vasilij

      1. Hello Vasilij Where did you get the information that the shipment of tobacco from CH to DE is not permitted? According to Swiss Post, this is not a problem 😉

        1. It is prohibited commercially. That's why no dealer delivers to Germany. It is possible privately, but very expensive. Also for the recipient, depending on the customs office, super complicated and expensive. I once sent 10 cigars as a gift, worth CHF 300. Cost the recipient almost 200 euros in customs duty, VAT and fees. Very, very expensive. Completely crazy.

        2. Commercial shipping of tobacco products from CH to DE is prohibited. Tobacco winnings from competitions are also prohibited for shipping - I have known this since 2021. I received this information in writing directly from my trustee, who checked with customs. However, tobacco deliveries from DE to CH are permitted. If a retailer does this and customs opens the packaging, the retailer will be reported and face a fine. The cigars will probably be confiscated by customs. This is why no retailer sends tobacco to DE from Switzerland. Anyone who does so will be caught at some point. But why the post office allows you to do this is a mystery to me. I have already sent tobacco profits to DE, with all the customs forms. The post office sent it without a murmur. It's best to ask your trustee, maybe he'll find out something else?