Davidoff Black Band Limited Edition 2022

Davidoff Black Band Limited Edition 2022

Davidoff Black Band Limited Edition 2022: Davidoff Cigars is launching a limited edition in 2022 that combines the best of the country-specific tobaccos from its Black Band Collection lines Escurio, Nicaragua and Yamasá. In addition to the Limited Edition, the brand is launching an innovative ashtray with a drawer that fits all cigars from the Davidoff Black Band lines. The box of 12 cigars costs CHF 324.00. The ashtray costs CHF 180.00.

This post was updated on 15.04.2022. A tasting with three people took place in the Zigarren.Zone Lounge. Please read the tasting here > We have exciting things to report about the cigar!

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How many boxes are available and from when?

The limited edition comes in a tasteful box of 12 Gran Toro cigars, whose logo takes up the elements of the Black Band Collection lines in shape and color. It is limited to 13,500 boxes worldwide. There are 1,000 boxes in Switzerland. 

The Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 and the Davidoff Sliding Ashtrays will be available from May 5, 2022* at selected Davidoff dealers and in Davidoff flagship stores.

*Market launch dates may vary by country.

Who is the Davidoff Black Band Limited Edition 2022 aimed at?

With its Black Band Collection, Davidoff is targeting aficionados who are looking for new taste experiences. The elements of nature, which have a lasting influence on the climate, the soil and therefore the tobacco plants, can be clearly tasted in the cigars with the black ring. 

"With their exceptional tobaccos originating in Brazil, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, the Escurio, Nicaragua and Yamasá lines offer adventurous taste experiences. It fills me with pride that we have now been able to combine the best of these three individually compelling blends in our new Davidoff Black Band Limited Edition. We have created a new, exciting cigar with a lot of variety for those who are looking to discover exactly that in their cigar enjoyment," says Edward Simon, CMO of Oettinger Davidoff AG.

The special features of the Davidoff Black Band Limited Edition 2022

Davidoff has come up with something very special. The three lines of Davidoff Escurio + Davidoff Nicaragua + Davidoff Yamasá make up the Davidoff Black Band Limited Edition 2022 - united in one cigar.

Davidoff Black Band Limited Edition 2022
The Davidoff Black Band Limited Edition 2022 is a combination of the Escurio, Yamasá and Nicaragua lines.

As a reminder, these are the three individual lines with their blends:

  • Davidoff Escurio: The rains of the Brazilian Bahia region provide the salty-sweet and spicy taste of Davidoff Escurio.
  • Davidoff Nicaragua: The volcanic soils in Nicaragua produce the fiery, bittersweet intensity of Davidoff Nicaragua.
  • Davidoff Yamasá: The iron-rich red earth soil in the Dominican Yamasá Valley influences the earthy, rich complexity in the Davidoff Yamasá Blend.

What is the format of this Limited Edition 2022?

Gran Toro / Ring 58 /

Where water, fire and earth meet, the Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 Gran Toro cigar has its origins. The Davidoff master blenders were inspired by the country-specific tobacco varieties of the popular Black Band Collection and combined them to create a new blend.

The result is a diverse Gran Toro cigar that combines the sweetness of the Davidoff Escurio, the intensity of the Davidoff Nicaragua and the complexity of the Davidoff Yamasá. For adventurous aficionados, the new Limited Edition is an Eldorado of taste sensations and aromas that is second to none.  

What about the taste experience?

The generous 58 ring gauge of the Gran Toro cigar allows for a larger quantity of Black Band Collection tobaccos from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Brazil in the filler. The correspondingly reduced influence of the Ecuadorian wrapper leaf results in a balanced, intense blend.

The cigar develops intense leather notes right at the start, which are joined by earth and pepper. These soon give way to strong aromas of coffee, nuts and wood and transition to cedar, dark chocolate and leather towards the end of the Gran Toro. The effortless complexity and consistency of the cigar impress right to the end. The Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 creates an unprecedented taste experience of 60 to 70 minutes of beautifully filled time.

The Sliding Ashtray

In addition to the Limited Edition, Davidoff also presents a modern Sliding Ashtray in two color variations that matches all Black Band cigars. The high-quality material is so robust that it can withstand wind and weather and is suitable for outdoor use as well as for indoor use thanks to its high-quality aesthetics.

Davidoff Black Band Limited Edition 2022 Ashtray Gold
The Sliding Ashtray for the Black Band lines from Davidoff.

The shape of the lid is reminiscent of mountain peaks and provides storage space for a cigar. A sliding mechanism opens and closes the spacious ash compartment, which also remains securely closed thanks to built-in magnets. Each ashtray also comes with a separate, eye-catching cigar stand, which provides additional storage space.

The Sliding Ashtray for the Black Band lines from Davidoff.
The Sliding Ashtray, here in the "wood color".

About the Oettinger Davidoff 

The Oettinger Davidoff Group, with sales of around 423 million Swiss francs and 3100 employees around the world, can trace its roots back to 1875 and remains an independent family business to this day. It is dedicated to the production, marketing, distribution and retail sales of premium cigars, tobacco products and accessories.

The premium cigar business includes the Davidoff, AVO, Camacho, Cusano, Griffin's, Private Stock, Zino and Zino Platinum brands. The Oettinger Davidoff Group also distributes numerous brands in several countries as a general agent, including Haribo in Switzerland.

The company is strongly rooted in the "crop-to-shop" philosophy and thus follows the approach of vertical integration, from the tobacco fields in the Dominican Republic and Honduras to the worldwide network of around 70 Davidoff flagship stores/satellites and strong authorized dealers in over 100 countries.

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    1. It has not yet been communicated to the media. But I'll put it here in the comments: No guarantee until I officially find out the prices: Ashtray CHF 180.00 (cigars CHF 324.00 (CHF 27 each). I'm super excited to see how the blend of three lines has been composed here in one cigar.